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And the future is now…

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Dent, Prechter and Others Warn that the Worst is Yet to Engulf Us

By Lorimer Wilson     Mar 17 2009

The above line (Dent, Prechter…) is the actual headline in Lorimer Wilson’s somewhat chilling article, posted on Kitco.com. This is a long and fairly technical piece, and I have taken the liberty of cutting and shortening it. Those readers who invest in stocks, shares, bonds, etc. at a certain serious material level might want to look at the original posting at http://www.kitco.com/ind/Wilson/mar172009.html

I don’t usually post articles focusing on financials at this kind of professional level, but this one scared me a little. But then I remembered that we are all part of an All-Knowing Universe, and that there is a reason for everything, even hubris. And, of course, never forget that as we spiral in towards 2012, we must expect nothing less than a huge manifestation of change at every level, and that has to include the physical-financial-material. And why have we believed the claptrap that our race is at some sort of pinnacle of evolution?

MOST INVESTORS don’t take seriously warnings about the future of the economy and the financial marketplace, but those who did avoided the dreaded “Cs” of finance: the Credit Crisis and Crash of ’08. What warnings are we talking about you might ask? Well, it was the headlines of several years ago screaming that a ‘Category 6 Fiscal Storm’, ‘Debt-Driven Meltdown’, ‘Systemic Banking Crisis’, ‘Financial Train Wreck’, ‘Wild Ride’, ‘God-Awful Fiscal Storm’, ‘Major Upheaval’, ‘Rude Awakening’, ‘Great Disruption’, ‘Debt Bombshell’, ‘Major Upheaval’, ‘Unwelcome Economic Spiral’, ‘Perfect Financial Storm’, ‘Serious Collapse’, ‘Drastic Fall’, ‘Financial Disaster’, ‘Major Bear Market’ and/or an ‘Economic Earthquake’ was in store for the U.S. and, indeed, the global economy in the very near future. And the future is now…

These warnings and predictions were often derided as just negative nonsense coming from alarmists, ‘party poopers’, ‘Chicken Littles’, ‘perma-bears’, ‘doom and gloomers’ and the like rather than from the insightful economists and financial and market analysts who made them. To their collective credit they were all substantially correct in their prognoses of what we could expect to happen as exemplified by what has occurred (and is still occurring) over the past 6 months. It has cost many investors 50+% of their stock market investments, 20 – 30% of the value of their home or even the loss of their house itself. Perhaps we should have paid more attention to what they said and as I compiled in the 6-part series back in 2006 regarding the “Ominous Warnings and Dire Predictions of World’s Financial Experts” followed up by a 4-part series entitled “Warning! Fiscal Hurricane Approaching! Is Your Portfolio Secure?”

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