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Channelling with Thoth

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by Debbie Summers  2004

This, in my humble (but discerning!) opinion is excellent! Not very long but with wondrous content and with the great Thoth doing the chat, I for one can only feel very grateful and honoured… Also, he refers to 2012, and with great positivity, so it’s all good…

Debbie Summers went though a period in 2004 where she found herself channelling the ancient Egyptian god, Thoth. Those channellings are printed in this article, as Thoth wanted Debbie to share his wisdom with as many people as possible. Feel free to email this information to any of your friends that may be interested. We just ask that you keep it complete with the copyright information and website details printed at the end.

Take Time to Stop and Listen

You are going against nature. Mother Earth is vital to your survival. Open your heart to her heartbeat and live as she lives, simply and at tune with all life on earth. Just stop and listen to the world around you. Listen to the birdcall, the wind through the trees, the sound of traffic, children playing, dogs barking – everyday sounds you are no longer aware of.

Feel the heat of the sun on your skin, then the cold of the wind when the sun goes behind the clouds. Look at the clouds, what can you see? A hammer, a hawk, a seagull and a turtle, all messages from spirit for you. You only learn by observing the world around you and then going inside yourself. What do you feel? Do those emotions belong to you? Have you picked up someone else’s feelings whilst out and about? What, or who, do you sense around you. Can you smell perfume, cigarettes, cigars or flowers? Who does that smell remind you of? Open your eyes to what is really around you. Not just the normal everyday, physical chair, table, person type things, but also the angels, fairies, elementals, spirit, past and future selves, all this surrounds you at all times, but you are often unaware of them.

Stare at the candle flame. How do you feel? Can you feel the calmness and serenity surround you? The everyday worries are leaving your mind and you can now feel spirit around you. This is the state you need to get to so that you may develop your spirituality. The more practised and accomplished you become, the easier you will reach this serenity and the quicker you will be able to speak to spirit. The angels surround you while you work. They offer you protection if you need it. You only have to ask. The more positive you are, the less likely you are to attract the darker, lower entities, unless it is experience you need to gain, of course. There are no absolutes in this work, lots of ifs, buts and maybes; everybody’s experience is purely individual.

Because you are an individual. No two experiences have ever been the same. Always remember, just because your friend experienced angels as huge light beings, bigger than a skyscraper, doesn’t mean that you will see them in the same way. Maybe, they look like a normal human being wearing jeans and a jumper, or just like religious paintings hanging in art galleries.

Similarly, in clairvoyance, the same message may be received by 2, 3 or even 4 people, but different images and words are likely to be used. This is because the same picture may mean different things to 2 people. To one person, a dog may mean friendship and love. To another, that same dog may represent fear and pain, because a dog attacked them in childhood. Don’t measure your achievements against those of others. It’s a great way to become disillusioned and to lose motivation.

The Changes Leading up to 2012

I am here to impart my seeds of wisdom. Since time immemorial, I have been working with the human race. It has taken a long time to get where you are today. There have been times when you have taken a step or two backwards, especially with the discovery of science and technology. Suddenly, you couldn’t see what was put right in front of your face anymore! If things could not be ‘proven’ with tests in a laboratory, you felt they couldn’t be real. Thankfully, times are changing. The discovery of quantum physics has changed some scientist’s views. Some things cannot be tested, you need to just have faith that they exist, that I exist, spirit exists, fairies and elementals and angels exist, as does God. The so called ‘developed world’ has turned it’s back on reality, the reality of the spirit world and the fact that a lot of things go on in the universe that you cannot possibly understand while you are in human form.

It is time to remove the arrogance from the human race. The arrogance of thinking that you are better than everyone and everything else. The arrogance of believing you know everything. Only God knows everything. It is time for the human race to start to understand this again. This time things need to be different. Man cannot interpret our teachings the way he wants to anymore. This has happened with all the main religions. Man has defaced the teachings of Jesus, Moses and all the other prophets for his own ends. Man has used religion to gain power, keep the working classes and women as underdogs, so that those in positions of power stay in power. Certain areas of the world have been learning that all people are equal, but there is still much to be done.

There is change happening now, but those who are happy with the status quo will fight hard to stop us. This is a difficult period in your history – but it is necessary. Those that survive will be stronger and more spiritual than many of those that pass on. Most of those who pass over choose to do so either because they have done all they can in this life to forward the human race spiritually, or they simply cannot cope with the new world order that is coming to pass. They are unable or unwilling to give up the power and violence that exists at this time, or they are unable to accept that there is more to life than what they can physically see.

Those that survive have a new world to build. The earth will have gone into the 4th dimension, as will all of her inhabitants. Nothing will be the same. People will feel they are hallucinating – they will see things that have been hidden from them in the old 3D world. The veil is already starting to come down. Sensitives are seeing new colours, new rainbows, spirit, angels, fairies, and all kinds of things that normally remain hidden. This is a special, happy time for those who are open to us.


Time is relative. Here on earth, if you are happy and are enjoying yourself, time goes by very quickly. When you are unhappy, bored or lonely, time drags. A second lasts for a minute, a minute is an hour, an hour is a day. Why is this? Time is not linear, as you believe, in spirit we can go backwards and forwards in time as easily as you find walking into another room. There is no word that you would understand to describe the realities of time and it is almost impossible for me to explain in the confines of your language. Quantum physics uses the term ‘folding time and space’, which is probably the easiest way. If you imagine time as a straight line, the past on the left and the future on the right, with the present being in the middle, it is possible to bend that line so that you can jump from the present to, say, next week, next year or a thousand years from now.

The same is true of space. It is possible to jump from earth to the moon or another solar system in one step. That is how psychics can look into the past, present and future and how they speak to us in what you call the spirit world; unconsciously they are ‘folding time and space’ to communicate with the ‘unknown’.

As earth approaches 2012, people will find it easier to communicate with spirit and we will find it easier to talk to you. Once you enter the 4th dimension, this kind of communication becomes more everyday, like being able to talk to family members. You will see strange things beyond your comprehension. Beautiful colours that you cannot even imagine, flowers of which you have no comparison, trees so tall they reach into the heavens, animals the like you have never seen and aliens will be popping in more frequently to speak to you.

Every day, more and more people will be telling stories of how they have seen or spoken to spirit, angels and aliens. There will be many sightings of Mother Mary, Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, and others, together with descriptions of Merkabers, all over the world. Miracles will be on the increase, the impossible will happen frequently; for example, crying or bleeding statues will be commonplace.

There is nothing to fear from these events. People will begin to realise this as time goes by, and will start to view these happenings as they did the telephone, television, computers and the internet; with suspicion and fear to begin with, then normal once they get used to them. Those that refuse to accept these wonderful miracles will fall by the wayside, they are not ready for these changes in this lifetime, but maybe they will be next time. Everyone finds their way back to God eventually.

The Levels of Heaven

Today I wish to talk about life. Life to you is your physical body. Many of you don’t realise that it is just a vehicle for your spirit or soul. When you die, your spirit lives on in what you call the spirit world, which is what we call normality. Your scientists have correctly worked out that energy never dies, that it has to go somewhere. Your body is made up of energy. When you die that energy has to go somewhere. That somewhere is the spirit world or heaven.

Heaven is made up of 7 levels. There are levels of experience or ‘holiness’. People stay on each level in heaven or on Earth (or indeed on any other planet) until they reach the standard required of the next level. Some souls learn faster than others do, but we hope that every spirit will eventually work their way all the way up the heavenly ladder.

The first level is for those who are very primitive, those who haven’t learnt that violence is wrong, those who see no wrong in killing others, particularly mass murderers. They will stay there until they learn remorse. The second level is those who have learnt that killing are wrong. They still manipulate people for their own ends though; they steal and cause trouble. Again, they will stay at this level until they are remorseful.

The third level is for the ‘average’ spirit. They have learnt the basic lessons that murder and stealing is wrong. They are starting to learn lessons on the equality of the human race; that men and women, black and white, fat or thin, in fact, everyone is equal.

The fourth level have learnt the equality lesson. They are working with spirit in this lifetime. They are beginning to see the unseen. More and more people are reaching this level in this generation and we are very pleased with them.

The fifth level work with angels and ascended masters on a daily basis. They are in constant contact with the Almighty and his helpers. Again, there are many more people moving up to this level than ever before.

The sixth level are the helpers of God. The angels, ascended masters and those with a pure heart. These souls can choose to be incarnated on Earth, or other planets, to help the inhabitants move forward spiritually. Many are doing this as there is programmed a huge leap forward, which will happen very soon.

The seventh level is God, the Almighty, Universal Energy, the Godhead, (or whatever you are comfortable in calling him/her). It is not important what name you use. It is good to see so many of you are on levels 4 and 5. This is raising the light quotient all over the universe, but especially on Earth.

Unfortunately, light attracts dark and those still on level 1 and 2 are rebelling against you. Hence, the atrocities such as the terrorist attack on the Russian school recently. This kind of act is, and will continue to be, on the increase until light overcomes darkness. This time will come in 2012 when earth enters the 4th dimension.


Life is precious, so they say. Life is also wonderful; it is a time of joy and exuberance. Or, so it is for some. Others suffer constantly. We are all here to learn, so that we can take the next step on the spiritual ladder. We are constantly learning – or rather, that is what we should be doing. Not everyone learns from their mistakes. Which is such a shame. These people are so closed-minded that they don’t seem to want to learn and then, when they return to the other side, they are full of remorse, they realise that they have to go through it all over again. They realise they have wasted an incarnation. Those with strong determination go back to Earth – and indeed other planets – and make sure that they get it right this time. Others go back and make the same mistakes again and still don’t learn.

This is one of the reasons why the veil is lifting, why more and more people are becoming aware of the spirit world and are passing on the messages of reincarnation, in the hope that those who are having problems will listen and learn. Unfortunately, there are still those who are so closed-minded that they can only accept what they can physically see, there is little hope that they will change their ways in this lifetime. We can only hope for better next time.

This is a wonderful time to be incarnated on your planet. It is a time of spiritual growth and physical change. It is a time of moving into the 4th dimension. Many more people than ever before are working towards their ascension. This new faith in what is on the other side is expanding the growth of everyone on the planet who is open to it. All the ascended masters, angels and archangels are working together to move this along as quickly as possible. All ascended masters are multi-dimensional and they are using this ability to be incarnated on earth and be on the other side. I understand that this is a difficult concept for you to conceive but, put quite simply, we can be in many places and dimensions at the same time.

We are not limited as you are to being in one place and dimension at a time. Some of you are beginning to learn to move multi-dimensionally, which is something you should all be aiming for. Jesus (otherwise known as Sananda), Buddha and Quan Yin are working quietly on the ascension of Earth and her population. They are incarnated in different parts of the world. Many other lesser-known masters are also here and many more will join them, myself included. Some of us will be taking over existing bodies when the soul which presently occupies them are finished with it and are ready to pass over. It is part of the contract they agreed on before they incarnated. Most of them will have a near death experience, they will pass over and an ascended master will take over. It is a fascinating time. Watch for this, you will soon start to hear stories about it.

Aura, Past and Future Lives

The aura surrounds every living thing – people, animals, insects, plants, trees, crystals, rock; it is what makes you what you are. As you know, the aura is made up of several layers. Any book can help you with the usual technicalities of the subject. We are here to talk about the soul’s connection to the aura.

The aura is not just outside of the physical body, it permeates the inside too. The aura carries the soul. All past lives are contained within it, as well as the potential future ones. A gifted psychic can explore his or her past and future lives whenever they please; they just need to learn how. Obviously, future lives are subject to change. If you continue to live your life as you are, these future lives are definite. If you change your present life, for good or bad, those future lives are likely to change, again for good or bad. To visit a past or future life you need to make sure you are grounded and protected.

1. Feel white light enter your crown chakra, go down your body, straight down into the Earth. Push the light right out, approximately 6 feet around your body, so that your aura is completely covered.

2. Then visualize roots coming out of your root chakra and the souls of your feet. These roots go right down into Mother Earth, so that you are completely grounded.

3. Then see yourself seated in a beautiful old leather armchair. You are so comfortable you find yourself sinking deeper and deeper into the cushions, deeper and deeper, until you find yourself, not in the armchair, but seated in another chair, in another room. Rise from this chair. Take a good look at it. What does it look like? Is it wooden, leather, fabric or stone? An armchair, a dining chair or a rock in the countryside? Now look around the room you are in, is it daytime or night? What other types of furniture is in the room? Is it in good condition or is it falling apart? Is the room big or small? Is it clean or dirty? Look down at your clothes. What do they look like? Are you rich or a pauper? Look around to see if you can find out what year it is. Is there a calendar or a diary? Or can you get a rough idea from your clothes and the furnishings? Is there anyone else in the room with you? If so, do you recognise them? Sit back in your seat and relax. Ask yourself who you are and confirm the date. Ask yourself if you live in this house. Who is the person in the room with you? Spend time in this room, exploring this life and perhaps striking up a conversation with anyone else who may be present. Don’t be frightened, white light and your guides protect you at all times.

4. When you are ready, make sure you are sitting in the chair you arrived in. Close your eyes and relax. Feel yourself sinking deeper and deeper into this chair. You feel yourself sitting back in the comfortable old leather armchair you started off in. When you are ready, open your eyes and return to the room.

Visit your past and future lives only when you feel ready to. You do not need to feel guilt or pain from these lives; it is your present life that is important now. Any negative emotions belong in that past or future life, not this one. You can explore these lives to find out why you act as you do in this life. You can find comfort and healing and reassurance about this present life. Make sure you have learnt from any mistakes made in previous lives; it will help you in this one.


There is more than enough money to go around everybody in this world. It is true that money goes to money and poverty creates even more poverty. Those who have little have to scrimp and save and unfortunately, this attitude creates even more lack. It isn’t easy to change. Those who require more need to change how they think about money. If they feel that they never have enough, or money is evil or they begrudge other people their good fortune, they will never have enough.

Rich people feel differently. They feel they deserve to have lots of money. They enjoy spending it, saving it and investing it. They see money as a positive element in their life, an asset, and therefore they attract more to them.

There is an element of karma involved in wealth too. Your contract will have specified how poor or rich you are likely to be in this lifetime. There is a chance you can change this, we call this free will. Free will gives you the opportunity to change your contract. The more good you do the more money will be attracted to you – but only if you think you deserve it.

Always think of money as a positive energy and it will find its way to you, one way or another. Often, it comes in a way you least expect it. Trust in yourself and in your guides. The more you trust, the more good fortune comes your way. Relax and use positive affirmations such as:-

I deserve to be wealthy, right now.

Money is a positive energy, and I deserve to have lots of it, right now.

Whenever you feel negative about money, say these affirmations to yourself and say them with positive feeling 10 times a day to bring more fortune your way quickly. Remember, positivity attracts more positivity and negativity attracts more negativity. In other words, like attracts like. What do you want to attract?

Copyright: Debbie Summers 2004. All rights reserved

Written by aurick

20/03/2009 at 8:24 pm

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  1. More re-packaged new age BS replete with psudo-spiritual platitudes and completely devoid of truly meaningful content. *snore* Not of a talented mortal, let alone an omnipotent god of profound wisdom.


    26/06/2011 at 8:15 am

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