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DNA upgrades on schedule!

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by Sheldan Nidle 

Selamat Jarin!
WE COME BEFORE YOU once again with more items to discuss with you! In our previous messages, we talked about the symbiotic relationship between Mother Earth and you. In addition, we just briefly explained how you solar system and reality work together to help forge the vast construct that you call your reality. In all cases, physicality is simply a highly plastic mass of Light fashioned by Heaven and by your inner core perceptions. This illusion has both nurtured and abused you since your birth on this world. It has been the means for providing you with a series of major experiences that shaped your personality and determined how you live out your present life on Earth. However, who you truly are is in fact much greater than what you have so far exhibited in this lifetime. You are all physical Angels of superhuman abilities and intelligence, having the capacity for immortality. Presently, you pass through an aging process plagued by many degenerative diseases and, due to your belief in innumerable limitations; you face a severely reduced degree of success in your chosen endeavors.

These limitations are in stark contrast to what you truly are. We do not need to belabor the point about how easily you gave up your incredible powers to your off-world masters, the Anunnaki. Let us focus instead on how you are rapidly regaining what you so unwittingly gave away nearly 13 millennia ago. The pivotal component of this rehabilitation is your RNA/DNA. These special proteins contain the means to restore you to your former selves. The first step was to maintain the appearance of the wreckage of your once complete RNA/DNA structure in the “third strand” of your DNA genetic makeup. Thus, under the careful supervision of Heaven, the dark was prevented from interfering with the work being done to reconstitute the latent aspects of your genetic makeup. In the past three decades, Heaven began to activate this central third strand in three distinct stages. Each stage was begun only upon the successful completion of the previous one. The divine purpose was to raise your global awareness at a rate that would not at first be noticed by the dark. 

The first stage augmented the amount of divine Light and interdimensional data available to your many DNA helices. This would increase the need for the materials stored in your third strand to slowly come to life and start to mutate. This procedure ended the long period of dormancy of your more advanced DNA. It also activated a number of RNA compounds needed to start your reconstruction. A side effect of this process was the rise of your physical body’s resonance pattern in the early 1980s above its traditional level of 7.8 Hertz. Your body was opening up to the possibility for many latent centers within you to come on  line and aid your growing transformation. As this process reached its lower thresholds, the long-dormant communication centers in your head began to activate. This opened a completely new way for your body to “talk” directly with the higher dimensions. This stage continued until the late 1990s. At that time the second part of this complex procedure was launched. 

The preliminaries of the second state formally commenced in the early 1980s. The birth of children with activated third-strand DNA was a signal that the mission to rebuild your full 12-strand DNA lattice had begun in earnest. The children were sent to act as beacons on your world. Their energy signal had the effect of initiating the linking of your disconnected strand to the already active two strands that presently form your genetic helix. Only a body rising in basic resonance was able to respond properly to the new beacon’s message, so this process was at first slow and uneven. However, by the mid-1990s, the response to this signal had become global, and this prompted many concerned geneticists to hold secret meetings about what was happening. Humans were mutating at the sub-cellular level, and the dark’s minions finally noticed that something was indeed afoot. But, by this time, the momentum was unstoppable. Nevertheless, the dark went all out to stave off the inevitable. The result was lethal chemtrails and other unwholesome iniquities. 

By the mid-1990s, the basic body resonance approached the magic threshold of 13 Hertz. Humanity began to mutate en masse, but it was still a sporadic affair. Rates varied between individuals, societies, and even between different parts of the globe. Monitoring the progress of this mutation was the task of the Galactic Federation. Before the second stage was  accelerated, each subset of this procedure had to reach a prescribed level. What surprised us was the fact that even the enormous increase in the arrival of children with activated third strands failed to raise the mutation process above certain predetermined levels. Heaven explained to us that it was the life contracts of all those now incarnated on Earth that determined the timeframe for this massive mutation process. We therefore asked Heaven for the proper rate according to this factor, and our task reverted to measuring this rate and simply supervising the results.

Despite the initial sporadic start, the connecting of the three strands went quite smoothly in most individuals. Also, the effects were subtle, as Heaven desired. This was done to make the dark believe that its counter program was working. In truth, the dark’s agenda was failing miserably. The chief indicator of this was the number of people suddenly “waking up” and moving off in unexpected directions. Between the mid-1990s and the new millennium, this number increased dramatically and, by the early 2000s, nearly twenty percent of the world’s population was dedicated to a new reality. This acceleration of awakening ones continued exponentially until the point was reached where Heaven now has the numbers required to complete the successful mutation of all humans on the planet. 

The final stage is the actual activation of your 12-strand star tetrahedron. This will have to wait until first contact is an accomplished fact. The present plan agreed to by Heaven is for specially trained personnel of the Galactic Federation to oversee your return into fully conscious Beings of Light. Nevertheless, you have progressed far in the last few decades and many of you have had the privilege to be the parents of some remarkable children. These children are here to help you during the last stage of your transformation into physical Angels. These very old souls came here from all over physical Creation because of the need to act as anchor beacons for the preliminaries of this last stage. Their work has created grids that will be needed later by Heaven to effect this change on the massive scale required. 

This movement toward the Light has brought out the response by the dark ones that Heaven expected. They have continued to scheme and develop plots for maintaining their power base and preventing the advent of first contact. Here, we wish to emphasize once again a most important point: Heaven developed a strategy long ago based on the divine plan. This strategy is progressing as intended. The dark is pulling out all the stops to throw off the inevitable, and yet the divine transformation of your society has now reached critical mass. The only remaining factor is the playing out of the cosmic drama according to the huge tapestry woven by the skeins of your many life contracts. And this Heaven is doing. She considers the unfolding of the final act of this drama to be very close.

Today, we discussed how first contact is tied irrevocably to your transformation back into physical Angels. This operation is moving on schedule toward its destined denouement. We ask you to remain focused on the prize: your return to full consciousness. Many events are presently happening that will result in a glorious and now-unavoidable outcome: first contact and full consciousness! We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven is indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

Written by aurick

15/03/2009 at 10:48 am

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