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The pieces that I choose to publish on this site represent diverse versions of Truth to me. Perhaps I may not fully believe or understand aspects of some of these pieces, but yet I still “feel” their relevance, or resonance or depth or generally, their mystery, and so I include it. It is important, vital even, that we open our hearts and minds to any possibilities that would expand our frame of reference into a Greater Mind. There is absolutely no doubt that, whatever the reason or cause, (and there are certainly many identifiable reasons and causes) we have an extraordinarily narrow view of the Cosmos, of life, and of our own origins. Far from representing any kind of pinnacle of achievement, the present human race is in a state of utter myopic ignorance, quite detached from any sense of certainty, or of belonging, or of knowingness. But how could it be otherwise? We have forgotten something, something hugely important, and we struggle to regain a memory of it…

I’M NOT SURE I KNOW ENOUGH ABOUT MYSELF (or about anything, for that matter) to pontificate here, but give me some time, and a little space, and I’ll come up with something. But I will say this: sometime in 2004 I began to wake up. I began to understand that the world was not the way I thought it was, that many things that I previously believed to be true were wrong, or incorrect, or mistaken. I saw a dumbed-down and compliant population, mind-controlled and managed by a political, cultural, academic and scientific Elite, and lied to and manipulated by the mass media. In short, we were entangled in the web of the Matrix, and this was no movie.

There was only one path open: and that was to re-educate myself. That meant putting a great and cynical distance between myself and nearly all statements broadcast by the major media networks, as well as questioning most scientific and historical viewpoints. There was nothing else to do but hunt down and absorb sources of information that I trusted. By “trust” I mean a resonance that involved both left and right brain, and more to the point, that involved heart. Ours is a culture that almost completely overlooks heart as an analytic tool, and yet that is where our wisdom and capacity for truth resides. In the meantime, we are collectively moving into a period of massive upheaval, paradigm level change, and crisis. This is the Chaos Point. This site is one of countless similar postings attempting to follow and document that shift. The world we are moving into is going to be utterly different.

As is evident, this site indicates my various interests. Some of these are more than merely interesting to me, I feel that they are hugely important and relevant in the greater “scheme of things”. The world, the Universe, our very origins, hold enormous mystery, nothing less actually than the Great Mystery, the unravelling of which is possibly our only task to undertake whilst in human (and spiritual) form. I have always been concerned with the metaphysical, the strange, the anomalous aspects of this “reality out there” that presents itself as the real thing. It is not the real thing!

Consciousness is itself the reality, and what are usually referred to as “altered” states of consciousness has always been a particular interest of mine. I have no doubt that at any point we are always an atom away from another state of being, another reality, another dimension. The thinnest film is all that separates us. Exploring those potentials should be of huge, overriding importance in the scheme of things, but of course our “modern”, “enlightened” Western culture will have none of it, hence the “war on consciousness” which manifests as a war on drugs, and a war on individual freedom.

We are also at war with those that would have us compliant, unquestioning, dumbed down, de-spiritualised slaves and workers, mere fodder for war, workers for the enrichment of an Elite who care no more for us than they care for any ideology, whether it be political, religious, philosophical; an Elite beyond national boundaries or culture, a shadowy group whose only obsession is with total control of minds, and control of the engines of economic and financial power. The military-industrial-financial-pharmaceutical complex is the power behind the power, and anybody who really believes that our (or any) government is a benign, caring, protective entity has been totally blinded, totally sucked into the fantasy that the “world is what it appears to be.”

Not only are the various labels and terminology of our worldview meaningless (“democracy”, “left-wing/right-wing”, and so on), they are also part of a divide-and-rule strategy that is so far above our general day-today awareness that we are totally oblivious. For example, we do not see the “war on terror” as what it really is: a war on Truth, a war on true freedom. For the most part, the mainstream media is a complete control system, and has played a huge role in making us into “sheeple”, manipulated in every way, distracted by every pull on the puppet’s strings.


Via the Western scientific, academic and cultural paradigm of the last several hundred years, we have been led to believe that Time, and by extension, human development, is essentially linear. We might visualize this as a straight, level railway track disappearing (in incremental stages, depending on memory and our record-keeping system) behind us, which we call the Past, and simultaneously extending invisibly in front of us, which we call the Future. It would seem that we can view the Past (in a disjointed, fragmented way) but not manipulate it in any way, but we can “sense” the Future (as an act of imagination and assumption) and believe it to be manipulable or manageable to various degrees.

But this entire concept of Time is based on a flawed model (related entirely to our fallen state of consciousness) and in truth we are constrained in a lower dimension that we might call “Flatland”. To explain and extrapolate further is beyond this short self-introduction, but I believe that it is imperative to wake up to a far greater and more universal sense of dimensionality and cosmic identity, and to understand that our human reality is not linear, but cyclical, and which does not exist outside of our skin-encapsulated bodies, but is an extension thereof, a projection from our spiritual core. But I digress. The point here is that human evolution is not a slow, incremental Darwinist linear pattern, developing from “primitivism” towards “sophistication”, or to put it another way, from stupid to clever. (See Our Current Arrogance, below.) To believe that our present state of development represents some kind of pinnacle of achievement is not only the most extreme arrogance, but it is also a product of the most extreme ignorance. We are, in truth, in a state of darkness, and our general level of understanding is abysmal.

But now, it would appear, there is a slow but sure sense of movement, an awakening, a stirring, a light appearing in the world. Indeed, anybody with a modicum of awareness must surely feel that there is a indefinable quickening, both within our consciousness as well as outside, in the perceived reality. (I should say, though, that those are two aspects of the same thing.) But I would go further, and claim that there is a palpable acceleration of events, as well as a sense of time itself speeding up. The days, weeks, months, seem to be piling up ahead and now behind us. Something is happening. We are moving faster and faster towards some Event, which is simultaneously pulling us towards it. Looking around, from our ever-moving viewpoint, we see that same quickening reflected in all material aspects of our culture: political and economic events are certainly accelerating, just as computers and related technology become ever faster, and as we more become aware of the holistic nature of the world we sense that this is nothing less than an acceleration of consciousness itself.

And this brings us to the mystery of 2012, the End Date of the Mayan Long Count calendar. Exactly what are we expecting, imagining or needing at this evolutionary point? There is no doubt that we are in a state of crisis, a crisis of consciousness resulting from our separation from Source, from nature, from the earth itself, and we are looking into a self-created hole of oblivion if we do not change our current course. But is this merely a stage in our cosmic development cycle, our collective karma, or is it an actual ending, as in end of the world? I believe it to be an ending of sorts, and a very necessary one, as the present course is certainly unsustainable. Consciousness creates reality, our quantum physics now recognises this, and we can create a future that may be a Heaven, or we can opt for a Hell. The choice is entirely ours.

There are a few essays dealing with the Mayan calendar and related issues elsewhere in this blog, so I will say no more for now.


Just a note here about the current (or to be accurate, the never-ending) Economic Crisis: This is most assuredly the physical three-dimensional manifestation of our changing reality as we move ever quicker towards the 2012 end date. Huge events cast their shadows before them, and the slow-motion collapse of our global monetary system is part and parcel of this process. Our civilisation has been under Patriarchal control for thousands of years, but now that aggressive male aspect of control is melting away, softening as the Goddess, the archetypal Feminine, returns to re-balance our world and our consciousness. The Universe is not linear in its unfolding, but cyclical.

At the same time I must also emphasise that the Economic Crisis is no accident. An event of this magnitude was designed and planned, and the negative, destructive implications of this scale of global financial engineering were intended to benefit a small group whom we can call the Elite. This unprecedented destruction of wealth is, in reality, a transfer of wealth from most of us to them. The question is, is it actually spiralling out of control? Or is it intended to pull us down into a global all-encompassing crisis that would have us begging for a solution, a solution that would culminate in World Government and total control of the many by the few? Writing this now, (June 2009) there are several clear warnings (some posted under Pages on this blog) that further stages of the crisis are ahead. But this is just as it should be: we have to resolve (re-solve) the past, and we must work through that which we hath wrought…


The word Truth contains an infinite potential of meaning. All humans carry with them, as a form of self-generated baggage, their own version of Truth, but as a by-product of our individuality we do not at any point enjoy a collective understanding of Truth. It seems to me that the only ultimate Truth is an equation to what we refer to as God (not in the religious anthropomorphic sense) but as the Ground of Being, the Ultimate Consciousness, the Prime Creator, Spirit, as well as the various expressions used in Buddhism and other religious philosophies that do not demand obedience or allegiance.


Generally, my life view, or philosophy, were I to categorise it, would tend to Theosophy, of which there are many definitions. I like these, but not to the exclusion of others (see sidebar Pages: Theosophy – Definitions)

“Dogma? Faith? These are the right and left pillars of every soul-crushing Theology. Theosophists have no dogmas, exact no blind faith. Theosophists are ever ready to abandon every idea that is proved erroneous upon strictly logical deductions. – H. P. Blavatsky, 1877

“Theosophy is not a belief or dogma formulated or invented by man, but is a knowledge of the laws which govern the evolution of the physical, astral, psychical, and intellectual constituents of nature and of man.” – from The Ocean of Theosophy, by William Judge, 1893

“The strength of Theosophy lies in the fact that it is not to be defined. It is the wisdom of the gods, or of nature. This means, that evolution, slowly progressing will bring out new truths and new aspects of old truths, thus absolutely preventing any dogmas or ‘unequivocal definitions.’  – William Judge, 1896

“Religious doctrine gives a theory which conflicts with reason and fact, while science can give for the facts no reason which is in any way noble or elevating. Theosophy alone, inclusive of all systems and every experience, gives the key, the plan, the doctrine, the truth.” – from The Ocean of Theosophy, by William Judge, 1893


IMPORTANT: The posts that I publish are from varied sources, and I always endeavour to give full accreditation to the author, as well as details of where originally published, be it internet or printed media. I have no interest in claiming other researchers’ work as my own. Ego plays no role here, not if I can help it! The main thing is that there is important information, not freely or easily available, that needs to be out in the world.


I’ve published the following excerpt elsewhere on this site, but I really like it, it elegantly describes so much of what I believe and feel, so I will repeat it here:

Our Current Arrogance
ALL MODERN disciplines devoted to the understanding of past or alien cultures are based upon certain assumptions considered so self-evident that they are never stated explicitly, and never questioned. Examples of such disciplines would include Egyptology, anthropology, archaeology, ethnology, sociology and paleontology. Generally speaking, ‘authorities’ within these fields are unaware that their disciplines are based upon these assumptions:

1 That man has ‘progressed’. That there has been an ‘evolution’ in human affairs.

2 That civilisation implies progress, and that the height of civilisation is in direct proportion to the rate of progress.

3 That progress, hence civilisation, began with the Greeks, who invented speculative philosophy and rational science.

4 That science and science-based disciplines are the only valid instruments for arriving at ‘objective truth’.

5 That without rational science and speculative philosophy there is no real civilisation.

6 That there is nothing the ancients knew that we do not know, or understand better.

These assumptions have been accepted by almost every scientist and scholar for the last two hundred years. They percolate into every aspect of education in the modern western world. No reader of these words will have been taught otherwise at school or a higher seat of learning. Yet each of these assumptions is false, or represents a half-truth more insidious than outright falsehood.
– John Anthony West
Serpent in the Sky (1993)

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16/02/2009 at 11:29 pm

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  1. Hi Aurick,

    Just a note to thank you for including truthalyzer.com on your blogroll. I visit Quantum Pranx from time to time and I always find something of interest and value. I must also commend you for the name of your blog, which is as inspired as its contents. I particularly enjoyed your “About” page, perhaps because you share a perspective and philosophy that agrees very much with mine. But it took me awhile to find that page. I suggest you take advantage of the WordPress option to order Pages by number rather than alphabetically, so that “About” can be first. Keep up the good blogging. You’re an important member of our small community of kindred spirits online.



    12/11/2009 at 11:13 pm

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