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The Etheric Realms

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From Family of Light, Barbara Marciniak (1999)

THE ANCIENTS UNDERSTOOD that the energies of the heavens influenced your field of energy, which connects you to the etheric realms. They also understood that the astral realms were a place where beings can become trapped. We daresay that Earth is now permeated with lost and fragmented beings seeking wholeness, who have collapsed into your energy fields. Your fear of living attracts these astral entities, and then you make a home for them. They are often humans whose spirits were fragmented by dying, their fields shattered because they did not know how to die or even realise they did.

You have been steered toward fearful deaths through stories that do not unite you with who you are, and so you die poisoned, sick and toxic. It is difficult to rise up like a fountain and keep yourself intact when you approach the great doorway of death in this state. This is a vast problem on your planet. These astral beings are like parasites that are attracted to you.

The astral realms continue to collapse and pour down onto you humans; you then become possessed by these energies, and although you do not recognise their presence, your lives change. You may feel drained and depleted, or your habits suddenly become bizarre, and you cannot sleep at night, have headaches and unexplained body aches and illnesses. In actuality, you are battling more than a toxic Earth.

The minds of people are unsettled and becoming so readable that the airways themselves are no longer peaceful, and as you become more psychic, you will feel the restlessness.


Many problems are caused by entity contamination, these problems include: depression, anxiety, fears, addictions, alchoholism, suicide, phobias, relationship difficulties, health concerns, bursts of rage, schizophrenia, hyperactivity, gambling and money problems, personal growth and spiritual development.

It is as if we live in a goldfish bowl of unseen beings. If you work with people, go to a restaurant, or go mixing with large numbers of people, you are “trolling for entities”. Entities can jump from one person to another.

Multiple personality syndrome is primarily caused by entity possession and nothing else. 90% of manic depression is entity related, diseases can be caused by entities as well as addictions. Many entities are those who died from drug use but their cravings are still intact, so they live vicariously off of others and cause them to be attracted to drug abuse.

In this way our energies are slowly siphoned away. As discussed the ancients understood the dangers to humans from the astral level, but as we have become more rational as a species we have failed to protect ourselves from this great unseen threat.

Written by aurick

30/04/2009 at 3:15 pm

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  1. There are several confusions here. IF one takes the time to read any of Rudolf Steiner’s works it will become clear that there is a qualitative difference between the etheric and astral realms. Whilst in the human organism – albeit the non-physical organism – it is easy to get the two mixed up since they are actively intertwined. But one can say that for the close links between the etheric body and the physical form, which is so poorly understood by modern science.

    However in terms of addictions, one might define it in these terms as the desire being in the astral and the effect being in the etheric.

    Okay, so I have muddied the waters yet more. Rudolf Steiner was a sincere and honest exponent of the study of humanity. There are countless lectures about this sort of thing any of which hold enough information for a lifetime’s study for many.


    05/07/2011 at 2:34 am

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