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Truth And Lies

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by Cal Garrison
Sedona, Arizona,
 March 13, 2011
Posted Spirit of Maat, April 1, 2011

“In a time of universal deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act” — George Orwell

I CAME INTO THIS WORLD WITH A HOLE IN MY HEART. NOWADAYS THIS TYPE OF BIRTH DEFECT isn’t regarded as anything serious, but back in nineteen-forty-eight the doctors considered it critical enough to impose certain limits on any child who was born with it. Because of this, my parents were under strict orders to keep me indoors, restrict my activity level, and wait until the time came for the tiny opening to close by itself.

Before they knew for sure that I was totally OK, my Mum and Dad were so concerned about my heart they followed the doctor’s orders to a ‘T’. The ‘hole’ took nine years to heal up. Until then, I never knew why I was the only one in my class who didn’t take gym, didn’t play sports, and didn’t get to go out doors with the rest of the kids after school got out. When I was at home, I lived in front of the television set, in an era when all of the programs were in black and white, and there was nothing to watch but cowboys and Indians.

Between the Lone Ranger, Gene Autry, Gabby Hayes, Wild Bill Hickok, Broken Arrow, Gunsmoke, The Rifleman, The Rebel, Roy Rogers, and Rawhide, with no clue that I was being exposed to the stuff that Project Monarch and MK-Ultra would eventually be made of, the Boob Tube injected my mind with thought forms that turned the white men into the ‘Good Guys’ and the red men into the ‘Bad Guys’. In those days the only good Indian was Tonto; the rest of them were painted up to be ignorant, bloodthirsty savages.

Growing up in a totally WASPY atmosphere, I am not sure exactly when these early impressions of the Native people got replaced with a truer sense of who they might be. There were no Indians where we lived. You’re not going to believe this, (and now that I am about to say it, I wonder if this little side effect was actually part of the program?) but never once did it occur to me that they even had an existence outside of the TV set. I didn’t lay eyes on a real Indian until, at the age of fifty-two, I signed up to go on a two-week pilgrimage to Anasazi Land.

Picture a post-menopausal, spiritually inclined space cadet, a woman who thinks she’s got it all figured out, wandering around in what is left of a place where the ruins of an ancient culture, and of things she has never even heard of, make it totally obvious that she doesn’t know much at all. If the extent to which the old cowboy and Indian shows had screwed up my thinking was the only thing that came to light on my trip to the Four Corners, maybe nothing would have changed. Looking back, I see now that I was so oblivious and under informed, when I finally found out what really happened to the Indians the truth hit me like a ton of bricks.

I figured that if they could lie to us about the deliberate extermination of over sixty million Native American people [Between 1840 and the turn of the Century the Indian Wars reduced the Native American population from over 60, million down to 800,000 people] and re-write the history books to get us to believe it, there was no doubt in my mind that they had to be lying about everything else.

A brief history of how we began to wake up to the awful Truth

Don’t let me create the impression that it took me fifty-two years to figure out that “Public Enemy Number One” might be the people in charge. I was a hippie for Pete’s sake; and I was raised during the McCarthy Era. Spending so much time in front of the TV set, I remember catching bits and pieces of the McCarthy Hearings. Even as a child I could tell that the House Un-American Activities Committee wasn’t on the up-and-up. And it was during that witch hunt, after the war, right around the time they started lying outright about the alien presence, and throughout the fifties, when life was supposedly better than it’s ever been, that the hypocrisy and corruption of the people in charge began to pierce the illusion that they were the good guys.

Anyone who grew up in the fifties can remember the “God, Mom, and Apple Pie”, the Pledge of Allegiance, the Fourth of July Parades, the American Dream, the birth of rock-and-roll, and the Technicolor movies that introduced us to the likes of Frankie Avalon, Sandra Dee, Elvis Presley, and a rare assortment of creatures from Outer Space. Between all of that and the Mickey Mouse Club, and the Girl Scouts and the Boy Scouts, and the fluoride in the drinking water, and the ‘life saving’ vaccines, no wonder so many of us got duped into thinking it was all good. Who knew? While we were busy saluting the flag and getting stupefied by all of the above, the ones who assured us they had our best interests in mind were sanctioning the assassination of the likes of Wilhelm Reich and crucifying anyone who didn’t go along with the program.

Looking back on that era, it’s easy to see why so many of us are still stuck on the idea that those were the “good old days”. And it’s even easier to see why so many of our more conservative, current day leaders call for a return to the values and beliefs that were alive at that time; why wouldn’t they? Their covert machinations were working like a charm. No one had a clue. Underneath all the patriotism and righteousness that had us jitterbugging through the fifties, we were totally spellbound and under control — until the sixties rolled around.

There’s no doubt that the next decade brought more of the truth out into the open. Unfortunately, the Vietnam War, the sexual revolution, the psychedelic explosion, and the drug induced haze that shrouds our perceptions even today, made it difficult to do much but get stoned and talk about it. Most of us were too high to get serious about anything but the next “Love In” and the ones who were straight enough to go out and change the system, got sucked in by it. Only a few of them survived and only the fringiest of the fringe kept a flashlight on the truth.

Close to twenty years later, in the mid- eighties, William Cooper, a retired Navy Intelligence Officer and author of “Behold a Pale Horse”, came out of the woodwork and began to talk openly about the alien cover-up, the Secret Government, the Illuminati, and the long term New World Order agenda. Cooper may not have been the first conspiracy theorist, but he was the first to go public. His short wave radio broadcast, the ‘Hour of Time’ turned a lot of people on to the awful truth — so much so that during the Clinton administration Cooper was targeted as an enemy of the state:

“William Cooper’s FBI file, promulgated by the investigation required by his security clearances while in military service, was one of those unlawfully in possession of the White House in what has become known as, “Filegate”. Shortly after this discovery President Clinton ordered all federal agencies to begin investigation, persecution, and prosecution of Mr. Cooper to shut him up.”

In 1996 Bill Clinton issued a memo naming William Cooper “the most dangerous radio show host in America”. Cooper responded to the announcement by saying it was the greatest compliment he had ever received. Five years later, on November 4, 2001, within three days of the anniversary of Wilhelm Reich’s assassination forty-four years earlier, William Cooper was killed in a shootout with the Apache County Sheriff’s Department, in a government raid on his home.

If the powers that be thought that this would put an end to the conspiracy theorists, they were too late. By the time Cooper was eliminated, David Icke had already established himself as the whistle blower of the century. Early in his career, Icke’s theories got him laughed off the stage but in 1999 he came out with a book that made him famous. “The Biggest Secret” introduced the sleeping masses to The Reptiles, the Illuminati, the Committee of 300, the Bilderburg Group, and a cache of top secret, hard to believe information that was too well documented to dismiss — all of which prompted anyone who read his work to rearrange their perspective on the people in charge and pretty much everything else, including the Christ myth.

From that point on the secrets and lies just kept pouring out of the vault. If it was hard for us to believe that Prescott Bush and the east coast establishment financed the Nazis, or that the Queen Mother and the rest of the Royals are a bunch of shape shifting reptiles, time didn’t render the flood of information coming out of David Icke any less sensational. At the same time, as more and more of his claims bore themselves out, more and more people paid attention, giving others enough confidence to come forward and bring their input to a conversation that was getting more provocative by the day.

Between Art Bell, George Noory, Alex Jones, David Wilcock, Benjamin Fulford, Jeff Rense, Steve Beckow, Clif High, Jim Marrs, Steven Greer, Bob Dean, the people at Project Camelot, and a host of others who prefer to remain anonymous, along with those whose names escape me at the moment, it is impossible to ignore the conspiracy theorists. With Jesse Ventura attaching politics, muscle, and the glitter of celebrity to all of this, what we couldn’t begin to imagine back in the old days is now wearing leather and playing conspiracy cop every Friday night on TruTV.

Whether it’s because our appetite for this type of information has increased, or because it’s just time for the truth to be told, of late, some of the biggest and best kept secrets on the planet have filtered far enough into the public arena for it to be absolutely clear to anyone who hasn’t been totally dumbed down by the thought police that we are swimming in a sea of lies. If we wanted to we could go back thousands of years, but a quick peek some of the events and issues that have popped up in the last decade will be enough to show us what happens when the lies spin out of control:

Starting with the 9/11 Disaster/cover up, in rapid succession we have been introduced to: the ‘War on Terror’, the Hurricane Katrina disaster, the GMO agenda, the Chem-Trail agenda, the Global Warming hoax, the collapse of the earth’s magnetic field, the economic meltdown, the polar ice cap meltdown, the ‘War on Drugs’, the ‘Weather Wars’, the folks at Homeland Security, the vaccine conspiracy, rashes of weird epidemics and designer illnesses, engineered food shortages, tales of FEMA Camps and FEMA coffins, the Extra-Terrestrial question, a multitude of mysterious mass murders, shootings, and killings, the Deep Water Horizon cover-up, stories of secret underground bases, questions of missing children, the secrets of the Illuminati, and more wars and earth shattering disasters than we can shake a stick at.

As the truth behind all of these things works its way to the surface, what we never wanted to believe has turned out to be far worse than we thought. Now that the birds have started falling out of the sky, and the sea creatures are giving up the ghost, and the ET’s are here to make sure we don’t go all the way to the brink of destruction, is there any chance that the sheer freakishness of these events might wake us up once and for all?

For the last few months I have been thinking about the gap between the truth and our capacity to see it. With so much information leaking through the cracks, when practically all of it sounds incredible and the real story could be anyone’s version of it, how do we tell the difference between truth and lies? There was a time when I would have answered that question by saying that it all comes down to discernment — but if we consider the ways in which our minds have been manipulated since the day we were born, who’s to say if the old discernment switch is even working anymore?

Discernment 101: Use it or Lose it

I recently tuned in to a Project Camelot interview between Bill Ryan and a man who works as an agent for the gargoyles who sit on top of the reptilian pyramid. The discussion covered things that would convince anyone who didn’t know better that the Illuminati kingpins have a sincere wish to come out from behind their cloak of deceit and engage in some sort of meaningful dialogue with the rest of us. As I watched and listened to the two men go back and forth part of me was willing to go along with the idea — but in the end there was no way I could picture it. If there had been any room for the benefit of the doubt it disappeared when the hit man came out and said that his overlords were of the mind that if we were too stupid to notice what they’ve been up to all these years then we deserved to be exterminated.

Let me repeat that: his overlords were of the mind that if we were too stupid to notice what they’ve been up to all these years then we deserved to be exterminated.

Unfortunately Bill Ryan wasn’t listening or he’s no good at thinking on his feet. He could have ended the conversation right there, but he wasn’t quick enough to say; “You know as well as I do that the number one thing on their agenda is the systematic stupefaction of the entire human race. Do you expect us to believe that the ones who engineered the plot to dumb us down, and who feel it’s OK to eliminate anyone who falls prey to that agenda, actually want to sit down and have a heart to heart chat with the very people they are trying to dispose of ?”

Give me a break.

I had the same response to recent reports that an up-and-coming astronomer decided it was time to insert a new sign into the Zodiac. This little piece of news made front page headlines for about two weeks back in January. During that time even intelligent people were so distracted by it, no one had the brains to realize that the story was concocted to see if we were stupid enough to buy into it — and to take our attention away from whatever they were doing while the rest of us went nuts trying to figure out if we were a Sagittarius or a Capricorn.

What freaked me out about this particular report, almost as much as the lie behind it, was the fact that everyone went along with it; so much for discernment! And this was a no-brainer; I mean, come on! To assume that an overly ambitious astronomer would have the authority to step right up and add a new sign to the Zodiac is even more preposterous than someone coming along and owning the right to re-write the Torah.

Around the time they started pumping our heads with the 13th Zodiac sign, simultaneous reports of birds, fish, and other creatures dying off by the thousands were coming in from locations all over the planet. First it was the Red Wing Black Birds over Pine Ridge, Arkansas. Within twenty-four hours flocks of birds were falling out of the Louisiana, Tennessee, and Florida skies. Fish and crab kills in the Chesapeake Bay came next. Over the next two months, those stories were followed up by seals, cows, water buffalo, and reports of whales dropping dead in every corner of the world. Experts said it was cold weather that did it. Others figured it had something to do with the magnetic field. And more than one person said it had to do with chemical warfare that would eventually begin to have the same impact on two-legged creatures.

As yet I have no clue what the real story happens to be — but I have a feeling John P. Wheeler III, ‘Good Old Boy’, former Bush advisor, MITRE Corporation consultant, and world famous chemical weapons expert knew something about it. Unfortunately within days of the inexplicable bird, fish, and animal die offs his body turned up dead in a Delaware landfill.

When I heard this story I wondered if the mainstream media would point out the connection between Mr. Wheeler and the chemical weapons facility in Pine Ridge, Arkansas. I also wondered if anyone knew that he was about to step forward and blow the whistle on a large scale government plan to reduce the human population down to five-hundred-million via the use of chemical weaponry.

Unfortunately that information never came to light. Within a week the news around this gentleman and his murder vanished into thin air. By the time the papers and the talking heads finished with him, the story went that John P. Wheeler III was the victim of gang violence. Evidently Mrs. Wheeler and the family were too bereaved to shed light on the matter. Nobody bothered to follow up on what really happened to the poor man and to date, no one has been charged with that crime.

Where is she going with this?

If my tale of the reptilian hit man, and my account of the ways in which the mainstream media is used to find out how stupid we really are, and my rundown on the lies that were spun to make us believe that John P. Wheeler III wasn’t taken out by the CIA, and the idea that the Secret Government is busy stepping up its depopulation agenda as we speak — if any of these stories seem totally incredulous and shocking to you, trust me; once you start digging around in this neck of the woods you can go all the way to China.

But who among us has the time or the inclination to get to the bottom of things? Life is moving so fast these days most of us have all we can do to stay on the treadmill. If we had the time to pay attention and we could remember how to think maybe things would be different. Maybe we would be free to consider things a little more deeply and go far enough into them to see past the lies.
Without getting into the question of why we have no time, and why we can’t think, and why it has become necessary to turn into a conspiracy freak to find out for ourselves what we are not being told, I will get to the point;
We have been lied to from the cradle to the grave.

Those of you who find that hard to believe will have to take my word for it.

Those of you who know what I’m talking about are probably just as aware that the time of lies has come to an end. As we ascend into unity consciousness this sea of disclosure and “Revelation” invites us to notice that, ironically, only by seeing the lies do we begin to find some semblance of truth. If we are surprised by this it’s because it never occurred to us that, as the greed, death, fear, separation, lack, and ignorance that 13,000 years of lies have spawned also grind to a halt, we might wind up inundated and overwhelmed in an ocean of unbelievable bullshit.

Drifting through the sum of all fears, inching closer to the Eye of the Needle, there’s no way around it; evolving out of polarity the only way we can arrive at the truth is to look at the wool that’s been pulled over our eyes. Wouldn’t it be easier/better/smarter to do this with the lights on?

“Be ye as wise as Serpents”

They say “Knowledge is Power”. We are also told that the truth will set us free.
If we read the frontispiece of “The Secret Doctrine” it tells us: “There is no Religion higher than Truth”. After months of poring over some of the freakiest, most horrifying, and hard to believe information I have ever come across, I am beginning to wonder; will the truth expose us to what we need to know or will it distract and confuse us even more? Because let me confess; even I, the one who is flat out addicted to the inside scoop, and who according to some is an expert at sorting out wildcats by hand, am wondering if it’s anyone’s job, or if it’s even possible to get to the bottom of this.

As the lies continue to multiply I have a feeling that getting to the root of all evil may not be the point. It may be enough to know how the darkness operates — because the gory details are so disillusioning it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that all of this chaos, purging, corruption, pestilence, and falsehood is just here to remind us that we are an inch away from Zero Point. Spiraling into a vortex that only has room for the finest and most unified energies I guess it comes down to: How many lies are we required to see before some portion of the truth displaces all of it with light?

That we are in the middle of something huge cannot be denied. No honest person could pretend to understand it. As I wrap up an article in which I thought for sure I would get to the bottom of something, and through which I thought I might be able to offer the reader a morsel or two to take home with them, I regret to say that I have nothing conclusive or earth shattering to report — but I have figured a few things out.

As insufficient and paltry as the fruits of my labors seem at the moment, I offer them to you with the wish that my personal revelations might help you find your way through this sea of lies:

1) If you’re not questioning everything you are living in denial.
2) They are out to get us and things are way worse than we thought.
3) Believing something is true does not make it true.
4) Believing something is false does not make it false.
5) The truth does not change because it is, or is not, believed in by a majority of people. Even if you are the only one who knows what it is, the truth is still the truth.
6) The mainstream media lies. The talking heads, the movie stars, the virtual people who entertain us and tell us what’s going on in the world are paid to lie. (NPR, PBS, and the BBC are just the lies with a British accent and a PhD)
7) Turn off the news. Stop reading the paper. Check in on those information sources once a month just to stay in touch with what they’re lying about.
8) Always tell the truth; it is the bottom line. Nothing can change, grow, or move forward until the truth is told.
9) The same people who brought us 9/11, and everything in between, are back at it again, engineering earthquakes, and Tsunamis, and nuclear meltdowns over in Japan. This is getting to be too much. Who knows? Maybe they’re right — maybe the Lords of Darkness are right when they say’ “If we’re too stupid to figure out what they’ve been up to all these years, we deserve to be exterminated”.

God, let’s hope it isn’t true. What better time than now to wake up and smell the coffee?

Cal Garrison
Sedona, Arizona,
March 13, 2011,
Uranus conjunct the Aries Point


Cal Garrison is a practicing astrologer with 40 years of experience. At present she goes between casting horoscopes, writing books, and working as the personal assistant to Drunvalo and Claudette Melchizedek. Editor in Chief at Drunvalo’s online magazine, ‘The Spirit of Ma’at’, Cal is also a syndicated columnist for the Associated Press. An author with five books to her credit, and another one on the way, Ms. Garrison is well known for her affiliation with the late Slim Spurling. Out of love for her mentor she continues to support his research with her dowsing, through her articles, and as the spokesperson for Slim’s tools at all of Drunvalo’s workshops. A single mother with three grown daughters, Cal lives happily in the Red Rocks of Sedona, Arizona. She can be reached at: cal.garrison@gmail.com

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