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By Aluna Joy Yaxk’in 

(from The Mayan Suns, A Mayan Daily Journal) 

THIS MESSAGE HOPEFULLY will begin the process of breaking through the negative historical barriers of collective thought: and projection, and ultimately redefine the history of the original Cosmic Maya. Most of what we know of the Maya is based in Spanish accounts. The journals of the Spanish, twisted and fabricated, seem to justify the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of innocent people in their uncontrollable, greed for glory and gold. Historically, we have known the Mayas as a grand civilization that rose and fell in a short period of time. In this short; time they accomplished a great deal. We have been told the Mayas were violent, drug-crazed savages who used the sacrifice of human beings to satisfy the angry Gods. Even with this grim picture painted by recent history, archaeologists still ponder at the wealth of knowledge left behind. Their remarkable talents for building pyramids, creating complicated artwork, and the use of 17 accurate calendar systems is still a mystery and misunderstood. 

In truth, what I have been told by the Mayas is very different to the Spanish accounts. The pyramids were built as focal points to receive and transmit energy to and from the cosmos, not for grand sacrificial rites. Even though the details are not yet clear to me, I have been shown how the pyramids are used for communication through time and space and for the use of quantum shifting and time travel. No spaceship is needed here. Some of the pyramids taught calendar systems, like the main pyramid In Chichan Itza, “Kukulkan”. These pyramids activate human beings. Hunbatz Men, Mayan elder and day keeper says, “When you climb the pyramid you become the Spirit of the pyramid and remember the knowledge of the cosmos.” Having climbed a few pyramids myself, I can assure you, they activate a receptive soul. 

The remains of the culture that the Maya masterfully created are still encoded with cosmic knowledge that activates the human spirit. This knowledge is very accessible to an open heart and was intended to be understood intuitively, using all 7 centres of the body. The Maya are a cosmic culture based on the consciousness of spirit and honour for all creation. 

Historians have been interpreting the Maya intellectually and literally. Interpreting the Cosmic Maya through a Western mentality based on a materialistic society and immersed in ego definition, will always lead one to the wrong conclusions. Presumed representations of human sacrifice are actually symbolic teachings of cosmic understanding of the calendars, time, mathematics and of the seven powers of the human body, the Chakras! An example of art work depicting the ball games where the winner of the game was apparently beheaded, was in fact, actually meant to teach the cycles of time and the movement of planets. The winner was enlightened by cosmic understanding and the activation of the seven centres of the body. This can be plainly seen in Mayan art work as seven serpents emerging out of the symbolically beheaded winner. 

The 17 different calendars are actual cycling maps, teaching the understanding of the energy lines of the cosmic web of creation, the web of life. They are cycles of time based on the cosmos that work together like, the, gears of a watch. Each connects with the central sacred cycle, “Tzolk’in”, a Pleiadian cycle. As they circumnavigate, they synchronize to “day one, month one 11, thus creating 11-11, and an energy portal. When the cosmic web is understood and experienced, we become omni perspective and total cosmic remembrance and inter dimensional travel are possible. 

When we work with the sacred calendar,  the Tzolk’in, and its 20 cosmically encoded Sun glyphs, we find help in discovering our own unique personal perspective. When each human being lives from their total individual perspective, instead of only being a reflection of another person’s reality, we being to live in our total integrity, fulfilling our solar destiny. When working with the Tzolk’in we begin to cycle with the Pleiades, the energetic centre of our galaxy, instead of being programmed by a linear society. This helps activate cosmic remembrance, locked deep inside the centre of every cell of our bodies, within our DNA. The Tzolk’in also expands our perspective into what the Cosmic Maya call omni perspective where one can see from many views and stay centred in one’s personal perspective. The Maya have said that this is an important step toward oneness and a peaceful non-judgmental world. When one can see from many perspectives it is impossible to judge anything. This will create peace and allowance within humankind for all life. We actually realize and become a beautiful part of a much larger whole. Ultimately this will lead each of us to energy independence and reconnection with the source of creation as we tap into the sustaining energy of Hunab K’u. When we live and merge personal a perspective with omni perspective, we create a completely harmonious world. 

So we have shared some new perspectives on the historical accounts of the Maya, but who are these advanced beings, the “Cosmic” Maya? The Maya were, and are, cosmic beings and are not naturally indigenous to this planets These beings we call the Maya have been on earth in the ancient times of Atlantis, Lemuria, Egypt, India, Tibet, Greece… They are responsible for the remains of ancient cultures that we travel to today. The Cosmic Maya were called by similar names in different times and locations according to local culture. They are, limitless, peaceful, openhearted beings who love to laugh. They have travelled the time/space lines of our galaxy and others. They are, synchronizers of solar systems, galactic navigators and masters of perspective. They have worked with other solar systems and they are working now with ours. They work closely with Ascended Masters, the Great White brotherhood, Angelic realms and other Pleiadian groups, and YOU!

The Cosmic Maya feel intensely Angelic to me, a feeling that you might not expect. They are not gender conscious nor do they view the races on the planet as different. They say that from their perspective we are not as far apart as we think. They work from the energy of love, not fear, and have tremendous devotion in their hearts for the whole of humanity and the Earth’s quest for evolution. They view us as equals to them in the cosmos. I never feel above or below them when we communicate; only a great respect for each other. Yes, the Maya are, ET’s of sorts, and have star-seeded Earth with cosmic encoding “energy” many times. They speak with one voice and do not desire to be known individually. But it is my guess, that they are numbered at 20, based on a clue they gave me in the past. They once jokingly called themselves the 20 Gods of the calendar, the 20 Sun signs. 

In our recent past the Cosmic Maya returned to earth to understand the cycles of time from Earth’s perspective – to understand where we are, in the grand experiment. In a short time, they had compiled enough information so that the rest could be done through their own version of mathematics. As the beginning of the 9 cycles of darkness came closer, a gestation period for the transformation of Earth began, and the Maya prepared to return to the stars. By using their knowledge of the energy-light portals of calendars-cycles of time-space-experience, they breathed themselves off the planet. 

As a child is formed in the, darkness of the womb of the mother, was it to be, for the, formation of a transformed, ascended Earth. The Maya could not be on Earth during these dark cycles. Their light would have, interfered with the transformation process. It was in these times of darkness that some of what we are now taught about the Maya was fabricated. Their teachings were diluted and many of their pyramids were built over by the descendants who understood only fragments of the original Knowledge. These teachings await rediscovery during these times of the great awakening. By the time of the arrival of the Spanish to the Americas, the Cosmic Maya had become a mysterious myth, built over, fragmented, and loot in superstition and the enactment of repetitious, meaningless ceremony. 

The Cosmic Mayas carried the burden of time while living on Earth. They understand that we carry it every day as we are bound to walking through our world in a linear fashion; hours, weeks, months… They know we are tired and ready for change. We are, beginning to cosmically awaken, and as we do, life can become unbearable and ecstatic all at once. It is a delicate time for us and for the galaxy. They view us as courageous souls as we experience limitation and stretch for total awakening. The love they feel for Earth and humanity is overwhelming.

The hour is nearing when the cycles of time for Earth and our galaxy are coming into synchronization. This has been a monumental project of the Maya and as we near the new world, the “Itza Age”, the Cosmic Maya wish to return to experience the ascension with the Earth and humanity. It is the beginning of the final stroke of a masterful painting and they wish to experience its’ completion with Earth. But as long as negative limiting projection and judgment exists within humanity and/or towards the Cosmic Maya, they will not return. They are quite sensitive to projection and the limiting energy which humankind imposes upon each other on a daily basis. They do not wish to fall into limitation as we have. They would not be effective at their mission if heavy limitation and projection were present.

The intention behind this message is to help humankind understand the truth. They ask, if it is in your heart to do so, to begin to project loving, positive, empowering energy to humanity as a whole and to the Cosmic Maya and “invite” them home. A small and powerful solar family, collectively projecting positive energy toward them is all they require. This will help create a positive circuit of energy upon which they will return to Earth. As we need personal support to manifest in a positive fashion, so do they. The Maya have shown me, as an example, that the being called Jesus had 12 powerful disciples, who continually projected vital positive support, while he worked with our planet and it’s people.

As we prepare for the fulfilment of our destiny and the future of our world and universe, the Maya also prepare. Their return heralds a great sign signalling that the shift to galactic graduation is very close at hand. The more presence of their truth on Earth will help activate Earth and humanity in a very positive way. They are very excited to be experiencing the wonderful evolutionary shift of this grand experiment coming to fulfilment. The Maya have not revealed a date of their return to me. They explain that time as they know it is more like space and experience. They live by cycles of time that are spherical. Since the Gregorian calendar is linear, the use of it for prophecy is not considered accurate. We may not know the day or the hour of the beginning of the Itza Age nor the Cosmic Mayas return, but we will have an inner knowing as the time nears. 

What was left behind by the Cosmic Maya for us to rediscover was ingeniously encoded with universal truth capable of bridging the gaps between all cultures, languages and all levels of education. It is available to all beings desiring awakening. This is not something you will need to learn, it is something you will remember! 

The Cosmic Maya wish us to remember that they are our ancient family, our brothers and sisters. We are galactic family awaiting the grand reunion of our history and our future. Their blood and spirit runs through our bodies, for we are descendants of these cosmic beings. The Cosmic Maya and all beings of Earth are pieces of the Sun. We are connected to the Creator, we have just forgotten. We are unique and special measures of God. We each have our own time, our own perspective and our own song. We have been seeing the same Creator all along and soon we will understand that we have not been describing it differently. We are not as far apart as we think. 

What is in store for us in our future? The Cosmic Maya say it is beyond our imagination. They inform me, that we are in for incredible surprises as the illusions are lifted. What we thought we knew may be revealed in a new light. By their standards we have remembered very little and what has been remembered is fragmentary and littered through our philosophy, science and religion. We all still have a lot to remember. The recorded history of the Cosmic Maya and beings of Earth are beginning to emerge out of a convoluted and distorted history. 

Every day I thank the Source of creation for the continual expansion and remembrance within my own being. In the song of the Earth garden there are many notes. This journal is a part of my song.

Written by aurick

14/03/2009 at 10:57 am

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