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Omm Sety: A life well remembered

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By: Rosemary Clark

Cover Story Fate Magazine Jan 2001
See “The Search for Omm Sety” by Jonathan Cott, published by Warner Books, 1987.

TALES OF reincarnation and past-life memory are rarely proven. In some instances, the recollection seems fanciful and speculative; in others, the information may be provocative and the details unique. One of the most convincing examples of the latter in modern times is the extraordinary life of Dorothy Eady, an Englishwoman born at the turn of the 20th century who later became known to many as Omm Sety.

Portions of Omm Sety’s life have been documented in books and on film in recent times. These accounts describe her conscious memory of a previous life as a priestess in ancient Egypt, which began to awaken at the age of three following a serious fall. She told the dramatic story of how it came about candidly to many people, and made no apologies for her peculiar interest in this past life or for her remarkable affinity with a prominent monarch of the 19th Egyptian Dynasty, Pharaoh Sety I (c. 1320-1200 b.c.).

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13/03/2009 at 10:36 pm

What is it, then?

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A very short comment:

“The Federal Reserve is neither truly federal, nor a full reserve. It is not owned or directly controlled by the United States government. The fact that the words ‘United States Federal Reserve System’ are printed on every U.S. bank note thus raises serious questions.”  www.wanttoknow.com

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13/03/2009 at 12:12 pm

Reality Bites

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by Michael E. Lewitt       From: The HCM Market Letter

“So long as risk is effectively concealed from borrowers and lenders or actually shifted to others, risk-taking will be excessive. The initial phase of excessive risk-taking will manifest itself as an economic boom, but eventually, when actual losses begin to change the perceptions of borrowers and lenders and begin to impinge upon unsuspecting others, the boom will give way to a bust….[A] market system whose credit markets involve risks that are partially concealed from the lender and partially shifted to others will be biased in the direction of excessive risk-taking. And excessive risks are converted in time into excessive losses.” –Roger Garrison

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