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Federal Reserve policy mixed with extreme weather has put the world on a fast track to revolution and war

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by David DeGraw
of AmpedStatus
Posted August 25, 2011

THERE ARE MANY FACTORS THAT CLEARLY DEMONSTRATE WHY IT WOULD BE DISASTROUS for the Federal Reserve to repeat their vicious Quantitative Easing (QE) policy. If you want to know a significant reason why they cannot get away with another round of QE, here is an equation for you:

(Quantitative Easing + Extreme Weather = Revolution + World War III)

From the very beginning we knew that the Federal Reserve’s QE program was going to cause the cost of food to rise and the dollar to decline in value, and that these intended results would lead to an increase in poverty and civil unrest.

Are food prices approaching a violent tipping point?

A provocative new study suggests the timing of the Arab uprisings is linked to global food price spikes, and that prices will soon permanently be above the level which sparks conflicts. There is a specific food price level above which riots and unrest become far more likely. That figure is 210 on the UN FAO’s price index: the index is currently at 234, due to the most recent spike in prices which started in the middle of 2010 [coinciding with QE2].

Lastly, the researchers argue that current underlying food price trends – excluding the spikes – mean the index will be permanently over the 210 threshold within a year or two. The paper concludes: “The current [food price] problem transcends the specific national political crises to represent a global concern about vulnerable populations and social order.” Big trouble, in other words. The next part of the study identifies that the serious unrest in North Africa and the Middle East also correlates very closely with [the QE2] food price spike. Bar-Yam also notes: “Several of the initial riots in North Africa were identified in news stories as food riots.” From there, the researchers make their prediction of permanently passing the 210 threshold in 12-24 months.

In other words, if the Fed engages in another round of QE, the global unrest that they have already ignited will go hyperbolic. Before getting into the details on how the Fed deliberately made these food prices spike, let’s look at another new study, which also helps demonstrate the obvious, extreme weather is linked to war:

Climate cycles linked to civil war, analysis shows

Changes in the global climate that cut food production triggered one-fifth of civil conflicts between 1950 and 2004. Cyclical climatic changes double the risk of civil wars, with analysis showing that 50 of 250 conflicts between 1950 and 2004 were triggered by the El Niño cycle, according to scientists. El Niño brings hot and dry conditions to tropical nations and cuts food production, to outbreaks of violence in countries from southern Sudan to Indonesia and Peru.

Solomon Hsiang, who led the research at Columbia University, New York, said: “We can speculate that a long-ago Egyptian dynasty was overthrown during a drought. This study shows a systematic pattern of global climate affecting conflict right now. We are still dependent on climate to a very large extent.” Mark Cane, a member of the team, said global warming would have greater climatic impacts than El Niño, making it “hard to imagine” it would not provoke conflicts. [read full report]

Put all these factors together and you have, “The Road Through 2012: Revolution [and/or] World War III.”

In summation, Ben Bernanke and the Fed’s economic central planners were clearly aware of the hostile climate and weather patterns when they engaged in QE2. The Fed’s infamous policy, as I said before, “deliberately threw gasoline all over those brush fires. QE2 was another economic napalm bomb from the global banking cartel.” They knew that they were deliberately attacking (sacrificing) tens of millions of people, but that was secondary to keeping their global Ponzi scheme going by pumping another $2.1 trillion into their fraudulent, insolvent banking system through both QE programs. This is why Ben Bernanke is guilty of crimes against humanity. Now, let’s revisit what I’ve been reporting on for the past year:

Centrally Planned Economic Repression

The IMF has a well-worn strategy that they use to conquer national economies. As I warned four months ago, we have now progressed into Step 3.5: World Wide IMF Riots. Back in October, in a TV interview with Max Keiser, we discussed leaked World Bank documents that revealed the IMF’s strategy. I stated the following:

“They have a four-step strategy for destroying national economies. We are about to enter what they would call Step Three. Step Three is when you’ve looted the economy and now food and basic necessities all of a sudden become more expensive, harder to get to. And then, Step 3.5 is when you get the riots. We are headed to, as the IMF said, and as they plan, Step 3.5: IMF Riots. That’s what’s coming…”

Fast-forward four months to today, and now we see country after country rebelling against high food prices. Since our October interview, food prices have spiked 15%. According to new World Bank data, since June 2010, “Rising food have pushed about 44 million people into poverty in developing countries.”

As Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke announced another round of Quantitative Easing (QE2), those of us paying attention knew that the trigger had been pulled and Step Three had been executed. It was a declaration of economic war, an economic death sentence for tens of millions of people – deliberately devaluing the dollar and sparking inflation in commodities/basic necessities. It was a vicious policy that would impact people from Boston to Cairo.

When QE2 was announced, I warned: “Food and Gas Prices Will Skyrocket, The Federal Reserve Just Dropped An Economic Nuclear Bomb On Us.” I also wrote: “The Federal Reserve is deliberately devaluing the dollar to enrich a small group of a global bankers, which will cause significant harm to the people of the United States and severe ramifications throughout the world. The Federal Reserve’s actions are already causing the price of food and gas to increase and will cause hyperinflation on most basic necessities.”

To be clear, there are several significant factors contributing to rising food prices, such as extreme weather conditions, biofuel production and Wall Street speculation; but the Federal Reserve’s policies deliberately threw gasoline all over those brush fires. QE2 was another economic napalm bomb from the global banking cartel.

In a recent McClathy news article entitled, “Egypt’s unrest may have roots in food prices, US Fed policy”, Kevin Hall reports:

“‘The truth of the matter is that when the Federal Reserve moved on the quantitative easing, it did export inflation to a lot of these emerging markets. There’s no doubt that one of the side effects of the weak dollar and quantitative easing has been rising commodity prices. It helped create this bullish environment for commodities. This is a very delicate balancing act.’

It’s a view shared by Ed Yardeni, a veteran financial market analyst, who reached a similar conclusion in a research note to investors. He joked that Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke should be added to a list of revolutionaries, since his quantitative easing policy, unveiled last year in Wyoming, has provoked unrest and change in the developing world

‘Since he first indicated his support for such a revolutionary monetary change, the prices of corn, soybeans and wheat have risen 53 percent, 37 percent and 24.4 percent through Friday’s close,’ Yardeni noted. ‘The price of crude oil rose 19.8 percent over this period from $75.17 to $90.09 this (Monday) morning. Soaring food and fuel prices are compounding anger attributable to widespread unemployment in the countries currently experiencing riots.’”

The people throughout the Middle East and Northern Africa, on the fringe of the Neo-Liberal economic empire and most vulnerable to the Fed’s inflationary policies, are the first to rebel. The conclusion that we reach, the unfortunate reality of our current crisis: the Federal Reserve and global economic central planners have declared war on us. We are under attack. We must remove Ben Bernanke from power and hold him and the rest of the global banking cartel accountable. We must also break up the “too big to fail” banks. This a message I, along with many others who have analyzed our economic situation, have been repeating over and over for the past three years.

Hopefully, a critical mass of people will soon understand this reality and back it up with non-violent civil disobedience before riots and violence rip our society apart. For these reasons, let’s all go to Wall Street on September 17th and show these tyrants that we’ve had enough.

Our economic future – From best to worst case

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by Doug Casey of Casey Research
Posted originally June 7, 2011

THERE IS A GREAT DEAL OF UNCERTAINTY ABOUT WHAT THE FUTURE OF THE U.S. ECONOMY MAY LOOK LIKE – so I decided to take a stab at what’s likely to happen over the next 20 years. That’s enough time for a child to grow up and mature, and it’s long enough for major trends to develop and make themselves felt.

I’ll confine myself to areas that are, as the benighted Rumsfeld might have observed, “known unknowns.” I don’t want to deal with possibilities of the deus ex machina sort. So we’ll rule out natural events like a super-volcano eruption, an asteroid strike, a new ice age, global warming, and the like. Although all these things absolutely will occur sometime in the future, the timing is very uncertain – at least from the perspective of one human lifespan. It’s pointless dealing with geological time and astronomical probability here. And, more important, there’s absolutely nothing we can do about such things.

So let’s limit ourselves to the possibilities presented by human action. They’re plenty weird and scary, and unpredictable enough.


People are all ears for predictions, whether from psychics or from “experts,” despite the repeated experience that they’re almost always worthless, often misleading and more than rarely the exact opposite of what happens.

Most often, the predictors go afoul by underrating human ingenuity or extrapolating current trends too far. Let me give you a rundown of the state of things during the last century, at 20-year intervals. If you didn’t know it’s what actually happened, you’d find it hard to believe.

1911— The entire world is at peace. Stability, freedom and prosperity prevail almost everywhere. Almost every country in Europe is ruled by a king or queen. Western civilization has spread to nearly every corner of the world and is received with appreciation. Stunning breakthroughs are being made in science and technology. There’s no sign of a gigantic world war about to come out of nowhere to rip apart the political and cultural map of Europe and bankrupt everybody. Who imagined that a dictatorial communist regime would arise in Russia?

1931— It’s early in a disastrous worldwide depression. Attention is on economic troubles, not on the virtually unthought-of possibility that in less than 10 years a new world war would be under way against Nazism and a resurgent Germany.

1951— Except for Vietnam, all that remains of the colonies the West had established in the 19th century are quiescent. Nobody guessed almost all would either be independent, or on their way, in 10 years. China has joined Russia – and many other countries – as totally collectivist. Who imagined that Germany and Japan, although literally leveled, would be perhaps the best investments of the century? Who guessed that the U.S. was already at its peak relative to the rest of the world?

1971— Communist and overtly socialist countries all over the world seem to be in ascendance, soon to be buoyed further by a decade of rising commodity prices. The U.S. and the West are entering a deep malaise. Little significance is attached to rumblings from the Islamic world.

1991— Communism has collapsed as an ideology, the USSR has disappeared, and China has radically reformed. Islam is increasingly in the news.

2011—The world financial/economic crisis is four years old, but things are still holding together. Islamic terrorism and collapse of old regimes in the Arab world dominate the news. China is viewed as the world’s new powerhouse.


Regrettably, I’m not much of a linguist. But I do pick up interesting semantic trivia. In Spanish they don’t say “in the future,” as we do in English, which implies a definite outcome. Instead they say “en un futuro” – in a future – which implies many possible outcomes. It’s a better way of assessing reality, I think.
Here are three 20-year futures to consider. There are, obviously, many, many more – but I think these encompass the three most realistic broad possibilities.


Realizing what a disaster the complete destruction of their currencies would be, most governments decide to endure the pain of allowing interest rates to rise and limiting increases in the money supply. Poorly run corporations and banks are left to fail. Talk of abolishing the Federal Reserve, and using a commodity for money, becomes serious and widespread.

Shaken, the U.S. ends its profligate ways, in part because it lacks the means to continue, and in part because everyone but collectivist ideologues has actually learned something from the brutal ‘10s and ‘20s.

Amidst massive protests, the government closes much of its counterproductive apparatus, eliminates many taxes, and lets 30% of its employees go. It also, albeit reluctantly, liberalizes its regulation of the economy because it has become impossible to deny that the U.S. has been falling behind in all areas.

Although there is a resurgence of libertarian thought – reminiscent of the Reagan-Thatcher era – simple practicality is mainly responsible for forcing the government’s hand. For one thing, it can’t afford the bureaucracy needed to enforce detailed interference. For another, entrepreneurs are increasingly just doing what they please, partly from necessity and partly from a growing sense of righteousness. Interest rates go to 25%, to compensate for high levels of inflation. That’s high enough to make it worthwhile for people to save, and the capital base starts growing. The stock market has collapsed to its lowest level in living experience (in real terms), but the values available encourage people to become investors. Business is restructured on a sound, debt-free basis, with little speculation.

The U.S. radically cuts its military spending and pulls almost all troops out of their foreign bases and wars. The War on Drugs comes to an end, and the crime rate in both the U.S. and Mexico plummets.

The government solves most of its overhanging financial problems with a seriously devalued – but not hyperinflated – dollar. The Social Security deficit is eliminated by abstaining from benefit increases and by inflating away much of what had been promised before. Most Americans suffer a severe drop in their standard of living, as they’re forced into new patterns of production and consumption. A generation of college students find that their degrees in sociology, political science, economics, English lit, Black studies, gender studies and underwater basket weaving are of no real value.

When it’s all over, the tough times that started in ’07 prove to have been no more than a cyclical bump in the road, like all the other recessions since WW2, just much bigger.

A rough and memorable ride, but it ends with a return to prosperity.

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The Melting of America: The Story of a Can’t-Do Nation

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by Orville Schell

LATELY, I’VE BEEN STUDYING THE CLIMATE-CHANGE induced melting of glaciers in the Greater Himalaya. Understanding the cascading effects of the slow-motion downsizing of one of the planet’s most magnificent landforms has, to put it politely, left me dispirited. Spending time considering the deleterious downstream effects on the two billion people (from the North China Plain to Afghanistan) who depend on the river systems – the Yellow, Yangtze, Mekong, Salween, Irrawaddy, Brahmaputra, Ganges, Indus, Amu Darya and Tarim – that arise in these mountains isn’t much of an antidote to malaise either.

If you focus on those Himalayan highlands, a deep sense of loss creeps over you – the kind that comes from contemplating the possible end of something once imagined as immovable, immutable, eternal, something that has unexpectedly become vulnerable and perishable as it has slipped into irreversible decline. Those magnificent glaciers, known as the Third Pole because they contain the most ice in the world short of the two polar regions, are now wasting away on an overheated planet and no one knows what to do about it.

To stand next to one of those leviathans of ice, those Moby Dicks of the mountains, is to feel in the most poignant form the magnificence of the creator’s work. It’s also to regain an ancient sense, largely lost to us, of our relative smallness on this planet and to be forcibly reminded that we have passed a tipping point.  The days when the natural world was demonstrably ascendant over even the quite modest collective strength of humankind are over. The power – largely to set an agenda of destruction – has irrevocably shifted from nature to us.

ANOTHER TIPPING POINT HAS ALSO been on my mind lately and it’s left me no less melancholy. In this case, the Moby Dick in question is my own country, the United States of America. We Americans, too, seem to have passed a tipping point. Like the glaciers of the high Himalaya, long familiar aspects of our nation are beginning to feel as if they were, in a sense, melting away.

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Is Global Warming A Hoax? The Real Story on Climate Change and the Non-Future of Human Civilization (opinion)

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by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
Originally posted Friday, March 20, 2009

IS GLOBAL WARMING A HOAX? We’ve received a huge number of reader questions (and even complaints) about this issue. Many are convinced that global warming is just a hoax contrived by the government to grab power and destroy the economy. In my view, that explanation is half right.

Yes, in my opinion global warming and climate change is absolutely being used by Big Government to grab more power, restrict more freedoms and in many ways consolidate power at both the national and global levels. That much is clearly true. At the same time, however, climate change is really happening.
I see convincing evidence that the activities of humankind are, indeed, altering our atmosphere in ways that accelerate normal processes, essentially dominating the cycles and throwing them far out of balance. The recent findings on rising sea levels, for example, truly are cause for concern for long-term “big picture” thinkers. Good studies show sea levels rising at a rate approaching one centimeter per year.
Last week, 2500 scientists gathered in Copenhagen to issue a stark warning about carbon emissions and “irreversible shifts in climate.”

And much like an environmental freedom fighter, NASA scientist James Hansen is now spearheading protests aimed at the “do nothing” governments that sit around and ignore the climate change problem while things continue to get worse.
It’s important to remember that just because Big Government is exploiting this crisis to grab power doesn’t mean the crisis is not real. What’s happened here, in my view, is that power-hungry bureaucrats around the world have latched onto this very real development of climate change and found ways to exploit it to their own advantage.
As Hillary Clinton famously said recently, “Never waste a good crisis.” And they sure aren’t hesitating to leap on this climate change crisis as a way to restrict freedom and grab power.

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Written by aurick

22/12/2009 at 12:15 pm

Trading Fall and Spring Market Disasters

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Trading Fall And Spring Market Disasters
Our technical and fundamental forecasting suggests we get a double whammy in the equities markets throughout the world during fall of 2009 and later-spring-early-summer of 2010. While the fall event could be a nasty one, the June-July, 2010 smash has potential to be infinitely worse.
Since our work is used by traders and investors preferring differing cycles, markets and goals, we are discussing these things to offer risk-protection ideas. We all search constantly for new trades to make money. However, our focus here is to strongly warn about loss of capital. This is even more important right now than any new ideas on making money.
Obviously, we’re offering a strong degree of supposition and maybe some flat-out guesstimates. But, after watching the global and more importantly our American political circus and evil events from New York trading houses and banks we’re getting a grip on forthcoming events.
To Accept Our Forecast Here’s Some Expectations
1. The Obama Administration is determined to see it through to the bitter end on its reckless spending in Health Care, Cap ‘n’ Trade, TARP, Monetization of U.S. Bond Markets and the continuing saga of Digitizing-Printing gazillions of U.S. Dollars. We see nothing to make this administration change their ways. On Fox News last evening a responsible reporter said, “Obama will crash-and-burn implementing his specious policies going to the bitter end. He is so determined to jump-push everyone off the cliff, we can almost guarantee he’s a one term president.
We say the president is just a puppet for global bankers and corporate directors. He will not waver, as he will do just as he is directed to do;  like all former presidents in recent years. These gang members want centralized power and 100% government control. They will first get chaos and then something far worse if they persist and it goes too far.
2. Market pundits, analysts and other alleged brilliant observers romantically believe in and are enamored with the “Green Shoots Theory.”
The mindset of these folks is to “make the quarter look good and to hell with the long view.” Unlike their Asian counterparts they think the annual calendar is composed of 90 days. While China has a 100 year plan, USA CEO’s think in terms of weeks and seasons and about how quickly they can escape with millions in stock options before everything takes a suicide swan dive over Obama’s cliff.
3. The same news gang firmly tell us China is hot and doing well and will continue to do so. China will be the savior of the entire economic world as they hold all necessary ingredients for a booming economy. China has some fantastic numbers for growth.
China is now in three massive bubbles: (1) Real Estate (2) The Stock Market, And, (3) A Pyramid of Debt. When this baby blows, and it will very soon, they will lead the world over the edge and into the abyss. After all, on the daily trading clock, they are first up after the Aussies. Chinese exports are dead and their organic growth is organ-donations-seizures-sales. They are toast just like the rest of the world.
4. A laundry list of phony stats including unemployment, inventories, consumer sentiment, GDP reports, and solidity in banks and corporations coupled with Washington’s abomination policies will save our collective rear ends.
National USA unemployment is 20% not 10%. And, it’s going to get a whole lot worse. Inventories were temporarily sold-off to the bone demanding more short term production. Who is going to buy this newer junk? Who has credit? No one except the money-printing government and that ends sooner rather than later.
5. The Iraqi-Afghan War is winding down and the newer, spreading Afghan war is under control. 
Yesterday more violence erupted in Iraq and destroyed free elections in Afghanistan as the rebels wrecked 800 voting places. This regional mess has gotten worse not better and was an ill-advised adventure at best. We say the USA and their compatriots walk away just like in Vietnam.
6. The Middle Eastern conflicts are subsiding as the Administration’s newer policies are working. 
Our president has succeeded in destroying relations with Israel, while pandering to Middle Eastern criminals responsible for most of these problems over centuries. Don’t take sides here just look at the facts. For years the USA has Kow-Towed to the Shieks to ensure the flow of oil. It sure worked well didn’t it? Witness 9/11 and about 100 other similar examples. The only thing these folks understand is brute force and cruelty. This is why WW III is coming to a theater near you about 2012 when global economic forces instigate new world war for power and oil.
7. Energy prices along with supply and demand figures tell us this mess is over and we can relax. 
(See answer for number six above).
8. Global Warming is a huge threat to the world therefore we must crush the broken USA economy with new reckless tree-hugger spending, or else we all go up in smoke by next Sunday afternoon. 
Goromania and Global Warming are just another tremendous scam to create a problem and make the taxpayers pay for it. The next ice age is scheduled for 2040. These dolts in their infinite wisdom missed seeing-counting a North Pole iceberg the size of Greenland.
9. While the states within the USA are struggling with dire economic problems right now, the president says no help for you and gives the TARP billions to bankers who just park it to replenish their broken balance sheets. Since those bankers are now made whole, of course all is well and they will go lend like crazy. 
Bankers are sitting on all the cash as they need to stay alive. They are not lending it to anyone as the good credits won’t borrow and the bad credits can’t pay it back. So, the crooked banksters just luxuriate in their new-found stolen taxpayer wealth waiting for the next trading-scam-opportunity. No loans, no business, broken consumers, hello depression.
10. While the USA GDP and that measure of other nations have entered points of no return, we can blunder our way out of this mess by printing more dollars and bonds while persuading non-USA countries to keep giving us credit and buying our valueless paper. 
Excuse me but the Asians and others are frantically working to shed USA paper and avoid buying more to escape and remain solvent. Our splendiferous leaders like Geitner, Paulson, and Chopper Ben were-are passing new paper debt from one pocket to the other. These idiots told us they’ve done this already to the tune of $300 Billion and yes they won’t do it any more. Quick get a shovel or my shoes are covered in a flash.
11. Since Germany is the economic engine of Euroland and they have all under control they will lead us out of this desolation along with China as we all march forward to the old paradigms. 
We mentioned where China is headed. Germany was smarter and has less public debt but they are still stuck in the socialist paradigm and worse, their export customers are vanishing. They fall too, but just not as hard as the rest.
12. Since the food and grain futures have sold down of late, there is plenty of food to go around and don’t worry about having only a one month corn-bin supply, or our suspect threatening weather. 
The world is headed for a food-drought induced shortage disaster. Once again Pollyannas speak of this week, or this month and cannot even see the intermeditate view of the next 18 months. Yes, prices fell with the current no-spendy depression. However, people have to eat and they have to eat every day. The bigger picture spells a disaster of wasted water, grain, under-production and major shortages. Yet, Washington promotes corn-ethanol. Idiots.
13. Obviously since food and grain markets are under control other growers are doing well. 
(See number 12).
14. And of course if this is true, clean water is available in prodigious amounts for years to come. 
China has a major, major clean water emergency. 1/3rd of China is fried with no water. Parts of the USA are going the same way. The Great Lakes were historically low the past few years and Atlanta’s public water supply was literally down to days remaining last year. Now in California, a veggie-growing area the size of Rhode Island has been water-deprived by tree huggers to save a two inch minnow that the birds will eat anyway. This is a major blow to veggie growers, employees and consumers of that produce. Good clean water is increasingly scarce and expensive. Intelligent ideas from government are most scarce of all.
15. The auto industry is now back on track as the government is providing free down payments to unqualified car buyers with its “Cash for Clunkers Program.” Naturally, this idea is proceeding smoothly as government failed to pay the dealers for incurring that debt in hopes of being repaid. 
Government Motors will crash and burn after the Cash for Clunkers Program screws the dealers with non-payments or long-delayed payments. Did those dealers actually believe they would be reimbursed by the Obama administration? Who will buy a $40,000 electric car that stops after 100 miles? A consumer with no credit? Ford and the Asians are the last men standing. They are all losing money despite the news. Count the debts and their sales and you’ll get the real picture.
16. The USA service economy composed of laundry services, convenience store employment, grass cutting, sewing, in-home child care, government employment, and taking-out each others trash should really make those green shoots bloom to the sky. 
USA real GDP to debt crossed over the River Of No Return above 6%. Now it’s at 12% waiting for the crash.  I’m sure we will all pay our $1500 per month health care bills from lawn cutting earnings.
17. The new health care program allegedly gives free services to 50 million non-payers and it won’t cost us any more money. In fact the cost of health care will go down. We’ll make those naughty insurance companies pay and that’s where we get the cash, along with some new taxes of course. 
First of all, among the 50mm described, only 23mm are poor and deprived of any insurance. The rest don’t want it, and prefer to spend money on better investments and bills. Next, even if 23mm were dumped into a new system, where are those doctors and nurses to administer this care? No where. They can’t be found as they didn’t even enter medical school. Come back in ten years-maybe.
18. This new health care plan will be a dandy as we will find new medical staff fully-trained with years of experience to service those 50,000,000 million new patients. 
(See number 17 above). Also, would you spend $250,000 on an 11 year medical education when you see where this national mess is headed? Hell no! Go work at Goldman Sachs where the average employee can earn $750,000 per year trading and drinking coffee. Just graduate from high school, understand how to bet and play cards and find a Goldman insider to refer you for a trading job.
19. California just got cash from someone so their troubles are over and gosh, those guys are even paying back their IOU’s due in September; one month early! They must be all economically healed again. 
Who knows where they got the money?  It doesn’t matter as they will not pay it back anyway. Further, this state returns to its prior emergencies in 30-60 days. The rental trucks are going one way-out of California just like from the Midwest rust-bucket states. After California goes BK watch for New York, New Jersey, and Florida. Maybe Nevada beats them all and files first.
20. The new CEO of AIG told us this morning during a Bloomberg exclusive report he will pay back the billions borrowed from taxpayers and make that company whole as we all dance happily into the economic sunset together. 
Since personal and corporate buyers of insurance are going broke and canceling policies right and left, this certainly seems like a logical plan. AIG will be borrowing more TARP funds and they could hit the BK drain anyway.
21. Naturally, the top dictators of our world from North Korea, the Middle East (take your pick) along with Chavez, Fido and other South American Leader-Guys And Gals will not foment trouble for the USA but instead buy into Obama’s fig leaf, Neville Chamberlain appeasement strategy. Wow! Maybe KGB’s Putin will come to the White House with flowers instead of missiles. 
The good news here is whoever among this dictator menagerie makes a naughty move first, will be hammered into the dust by the most powerful military in the world-the USA. And, Israel will not standby waiting for Obama’s blessing to attack Iran. It’s probably all over before he wakes up for breakfast.
22. The industrial rust-bucket Midwest will regain its former employment glory with millions of new higher-paid manufacturing jobs as in the “North Shall Rise Again.”
We suggest that like the City of Detroit, now returning to the woodsy, agrarian wild, so will the rest of the Midwest. People are leaving the state for work at lower pay. Never again will the Midwest contain that manufacturing might of the 1890’s to 1960’s. The American auto industry has moved to non-union locations in the south and out of the country. They cannot afford Obama wages and benefits. We noticed this week the very high class University of Michigan is extending more student loans to fill their colleges. Those kids do not have the money for tuition, room and board. If the U of M did not help them there would be lots of empty seats at the U this fall.
23. Consumers will find work and since they are 70% of the economy we can for sure expect them to come-on-down with billions in new spending for Chinese junk supporting USA retailers and Asian exports forever. 
Watch for a major back-to-school fall retailing disaster. Unemployment will rise for at least another three 
years, or even longer. Jobless consumers can’t buy anything. They get food stamps and utility shut-
offs. Asian exporters are finished. They have no western buyers for their stuff and the Asian organic 
home-grown consumer is just a myth.
24. If you believe these fantasies you’ll believe anything. We’re in a world of hurt but this does not mean we go down with Obama’s ship. Here are some ideas for preserving your property and your capital.
-Get ruthless in elimination of personal debt. Go through your expenses and check book culling out and stopping as much fluff as possible. 
-Own physical gold and silver. If you have a slim budget start with one silver coin and work your way up from there. 
-Fill-up the pantry at home. Store some water. 
-Keep 30-90 days of cash in your hand in the house. 
-Own a generator. The grid is coming apart at age 50, or higher. There is no money for repairs. 
-Sell your cars and get a pick-up truck. Pay cash if possible.
-Plant a garden. 
-Network with friends and neighbors to help each other. Give to charity to the best of your ability.
-Get out of the stock market except for precious metals shares and trades. Most all paper trades are open to being wrecked by an imploding system. 
-Good shorts are major stock markets, retailers, the US Government, any government programs, real estate and its taxes, urban area living, and trusting the general news. .
Financials crashed in fall 2008 with Lehman. Recovery began with TARP May, 2009: During this month of August we have more of a dead cat bounce ahead with a big smash in Mid-September. While precious metals and their shares are off this August 20, 2009, for the intermediate term (next 90 days) the trend reverses and moves to rallies.
Keep in mind, if you own paid for stuff it will most  likely remain in your hands; not in somebody else’s. That includes gold and silver.
Do not get tangled-up in daily noise. Keep studying the larger view and buy precious metals after each profit-taking correction. Headwinds are building into an economic hurricane. Take care of business right now. My dire fall prediction might surprise us and arrive earlier. Time is short.
Personally, I can see unbelievable opportunities to trade that we would never see again for many years. Turn these problems into opportunities. Those on the right side of the trade might get rich. Those on the other side are just victims. Stay Alert. –Traderrog

by Roger Wiegand
Posted originally 21 August 2009

Our technical and fundamental forecasting suggests we get a double whammy in the equities markets throughout the world during fall of 2009 and later-spring-early-summer of 2010. While the fall event could be a nasty one, the June-July, 2010 smash has potential to be infinitely worse.

SINCE OUR WORK IS USED by traders and investors preferring differing cycles, markets and goals, we are discussing these things to offer risk-protection ideas. We all search constantly for new trades to make money. However, our focus here is to strongly warn about loss of capital. This is even more important right now than any new ideas on making money.

Obviously, we’re offering a strong degree of supposition and maybe some flat-out guesstimates. But, after watching the global and more importantly our American political circus and evil events from New York trading houses and banks we’re getting a grip on forthcoming events.

To accept our forecast here are some expectations

1. The Obama Administration is determined to see it through to the bitter end on its reckless spending in Health Care, Cap ‘n’ Trade, TARP, Monetization of U.S. Bond Markets and the continuing saga of Digitizing-Printing gazillions of U.S. Dollars. We see nothing to make this administration change their ways. On Fox News last evening a responsible reporter said, “Obama will crash-and-burn implementing his specious policies going to the bitter end. He is so determined to jump-push everyone off the cliff, we can almost guarantee he’s a one term president.”

We say the president is just a puppet for global bankers and corporate directors. He will not waver, as he will do just as he is directed to do;  like all former presidents in recent years. These gang members want centralized power and 100% government control. They will first get chaos and then something far worse if they persist and it goes too far.

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2012: A Message from Matthew

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by Suzanne Ward
channelled from Matthew Ward

Originally posted December 31, 2007. See sidebar under Pages for “Matthew Ward” for background

WHAT MIGHT HAPPEN when you cross off the last day of 2011 on your calendar and you pin up the one for 2012?  The thoughts in many minds about that year range from the sublime to the ridiculous, and since the latter is so quickly addressed, that’s where I’ll begin. 

No, your world is not going to end. Earth is an eternal soul inhabiting a planetary body, and now that it’s back from the brink of destruction— thanks to the infusion of light from your “space” neighbors— and on the way back to its original vibrant health and beauty, she’s going to keep it for a long time to come. 

With “ridiculous” accounted for, what is the “sublime” that you can expect 2012 to bring?  Like everything else that happens anywhere, the choice is up to individuals, the decisions each makes. What I can tell you with certainty is, you who make the trip with Earth into the higher planes will be living in the promised Golden Age. In numerous of his messages, my Matthew-Self has accurately described the changes and challenges during the transition between now and your world in 2012 with its astounding differences that you will welcome whole heartedly. 

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