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Europe Braces for Chaos

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from The Daily Bell
Originally posted Tuesday, May 25, 2010

EUROPE’S DEFLATION TORTURE IS A GIFT TO THE FAR LEFT … If Europe’s ultra-Left has so far reaped little dividend from the great “Crisis of Capitalism”, this will surely change as the eurozone’s 1930s policies of wage deflation sap the credibility of the governing centre and the EU itself. … As historian Simon Schama wrote over the weekend in the Financial Times, “The world teeters on the brink of a new age of rage: we face a tinderbox moment” … There is typically a lag-time between economic shocks and social fury. Luckily there is no Fascist threat this time. It is the (more benign) Marxist Left that stands to gain. – UK Telegraph

Dominant Social Theme: Europe will struggle through austerity by pulling together, even if it drifts left …

Free-Market Analysis:
For several years now, we’ve been covering the power elite’s dominant social theme as regards the European Union. And what is that? It seems to be … “Only regional and even global governance can prevent another world war (or at least pan-European war) from happening.” Of course not only do we not believe it, we’ve indicated many times that the crazed bureaucrats of the EU are actually setting up a system guaranteed to heighten the very tensions they purport to downplay.

Europe is an old continent in terms of human habitation. The very first fully human incursions, according to the Bradshaw Foundation were supplemented some 20,000 years ago by Cro-Magnon migrations, from which modern Europe was eventually born. It is true that first Roman power and then (Carolus Magnus) Charlemagne on behalf of the Holy Roman Empire pulled together Europe’s fractious tribes, but neither of these interregnums proved the norm. Europe has always been fractured, by language, by race, by culture, even by climate.

Enter the ludicrous EU experiment and its false message of cheery unity. “The European Union is peace,” says French President Nicolas Sarkozy. This is the initial fear-based promotion that launched a thousand votes and re-votes and inevitably has enabled the endless corruption of the EU and the creation of a smug, pan-European political order that at its top level is not answerable to European citizens. This too-clever body of Euro-crats welcomed Greece, Portugal, Spain and Italy (and numerous other countries) knowing full well that it was creating a great regional divide that could only be fixed, eventually, by desperate and risky actions to create a political union that currently does not exist.

What right did this tiny elite group have to play with hundreds of millions of lives in order to realize their misguided and impractical goal of melding Europe together into one regional lump – apparently to serve as a stepping-stone for world government? Those who did the deed were quite aware of the unworkability of the EU. And they were quite prepared, nonetheless, to risk all for … what? For personal aggrandizement and to generate the increased wealth and control that sociopolitical and physical consolidation can yield. And yet what need is there for EU-style regionalism with all its fascistic faux-cheer that masks a vision of the future, as George Orwell wrote, “of a boot stamping on a human face – forever.”

And now … “austerity.” The masses of Europe, having been promised a brighter and more prosperous future under the benevolent regime of the EU are faced with years, perhaps decades, of what amounts to institutionalized poverty in which all the bright promises of security, early retirements and lazy living will be stripped away. Only the wretched, mercantilist banks of Europe and America will win, if it come to this. And it was all so unnecessary – as are so many of the results of the crazed power elite agenda.

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