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The Charade of World Depression

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from The Daily Bell
Posted originally, December 23, 2010

Self-righteous Germany must accept a euro-debt union or leave EMU If Germany and its hard-money allies genuinely wish to save the euro – which is open to doubt – they should stop posturing, face up to the grim imperative of a Transferunion, and desist immediately from imposing their ruinous and reactionary policies of debt deflation on southern Europe and Ireland … One can sympathise with the German people. Their leaders in the 1990s told them “famine in Bavaria” was more likely than the preposterous suggestion that Germany might have to bail out countries as a result of EMU. But events have moved … Chancellor Angela Merkel must know that the Spanish state, juntas, and banks cannot refinance €300bn (£254bn) next year at a bearable cost if the Tesoro is already paying a decade-high of 5.45pc to sell 10-year bonds, yet she continues to play for time she does not have. – UK Telegraph

Dominant Social Theme:
Germany must grasp the nettle.

Free-Market Analysis:
The problem of the EU seems simple, as indicated by this article excerpt above. The Southern PIGS are bankrupt but cannot devalue because of the euro contract. The wealthy North will therefore have to bail out the PIGS and in doing so, provide substantive oversight. Germany ends up being the guarantor of last resort and also the state providing the watchdogs, basically, since it is German money that will save the EU. It is a German EU after all, and the Germans will have to stop dithering …

This is one (fairly simplistic, we would argue) way of evaluating the situation that is currently evolving in the EU. But here at the Bell we have also argued that the Anglo-American axis is really behind the EU – and perhaps the average German won’t have much say in the matter. The Anglosphere seeks world government and the EU is a basic building block.

The point we want to advance in this article is that there is perhaps a deeper subterfuge going on. Yes, we’ve suggested this before, but as the EU unwinds, as America quakes from unemployment and China shudders from inflation, we continue to explore the possibility. And so we ask, once more … Is the world being manipulated into an ever-more-massive depression? And how would that work exactly?

In order to explain it, we need to establish (for purposes of argument anyway) that there is an Anglo-American power elite composed of certain fabulously wealthy families that seek one-world government. There has been speculation, for instance, that these families have a hand in the recent saga of Foundation X which sounds more like the plot of a bad paperback novel than anything real. Lord James of Blackheath mentioned Foundation X at the House of Lords in early November.

It was his contention that ‘Foundation X’ had the resources to “bail out” the UK and that Foundation X’s gold reserve was larger than what is considered to be the world’s total mined reserves. Lord James of Blackheath was roundly derided as a “nutter.” We don’t find him so. We have asked if Foundation X was merely a cover for the financial interests of the Anglo-American power elite. It still seems a pertinent question. This kind of money is massive indeed, assuming Lord James didn’t drop off his meds for a day. It reinforces the idea that what we are watching around the world is a charade.

We have previously argued that there is a level of behind-the-scenes collusion between ALL the powers-that-be. All of them, East and West, may be cooperating to bring down the current system with an eye toward instituting something in its place that will be mutually agreed upon. (The IMF’s bancor comes to mind.)

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World Chaos – Global Success Story?

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from The Daily Bell
Posted originally November 12, 2010

Crunch time approaches for world economy … There was a belated admission from Mervyn King (left) on Wednesday; ignore the Inflation Report, he seemed to be saying, because its forecasts may amount to no more than tomorrow’s chip paper. The Bank of England, headed by King, has had its credibility tested close to destruction by its repeated failure to meet the inflation remit. OK, so of course he didn’t use those exact words, but rarely has the Bank of England’s Governor hedged his quarterly update with so many conditions and caveats. Given the record, which for the past three years has pretty consistently seen the Bank miss both its inflation and growth forecasts, you might think him wise to do so. In any case, “uncertainty” of outlook was the Governor’s preferred message du jour. Looking at the range of challenges faced by both the domestic and world economy, few would fault his diagnosis. Markets took the slightly higher forecasts for both inflation and growth to mean there was now less chance of further quantitative easing, but that wasn’t what Mr. King was trying to say. – UK Telegraph

Dominant Social Theme:
Everything is going to Hell.

Free-Market Analysis:
The most important thing in the world from our out point of view as professional “meme watchers” is figuring out whether the current global chaotic economic situation is in some sense created or whether it has somehow spun out of control. Perhaps both at the same time? In other words, the creation of chaos brings with it the danger of a chaotic system that the power elite cannot easily handle. Thus the creation of chaos becomes a bet: Will it be controllable over time and lead eventually to that most cherished or all elite goals … one-world government?

In this article, we will offer up an analysis of whether the current Western (and world) difficulties are indeed being controlled or whether they are symptoms of larger difficulties that the elite is having. We will start by looking at how the Internet has affected the power elite and then apply that knowledge to how the economy is unfolding and finally try to reach a conclusion. (Note: We have previously attempted a variant of this article; but then our analysis dealt with various approaches to defining the power elite rather than directly with the power elite’s agenda. You can see the article here: Is the Elite Destabilizing the World on Purpose?

To begin with we will discuss how the Internet has affected the power elite and the dominant social themes that the Anglo-American axis of powerful families and industrial and religious adjuncts uses to influence world events. These fear-based promotions are intended to frighten middle classes into giving up more wealth and personal control to Western elites. In our view, during the 20th century this strategy worked very well but in the 21st century the truth-telling of the Internet has undermined this approach. Thus the power elite’s NWO goal is in some jeopardy.

As we have postulated throughout most of the 21st century one way or another the dominant social themes offered up by the Anglosphere have been continually less effective. This is because human beings are storytelling creatures and stories are ultimately what provide the cohesiveness for ruling classes. This is why it was so important for the elite to control the means of communication. And this is also why we have postulated this control is breaking up in the 21st century.

Today, the tools of storytelling are in conflict with one another. The elites that have so long controlled ALL the means of communication in the 21st are struggling against an Internet that has debunked or at least cast doubt on much of the fear-based mythos that the powers that be promoted in the 20th century. The themes still resonant of course and are still being actively marketed but they are not by any means so successful as in the 20th century.

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