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“Everlastingly men seek to further their comfort…”

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by Alexandre Stavisky

Serge Alexandre Stavisky (b. November 20, 1886, Ukraine, died January 8, 1934, Chamonix) was a French financier and embezzler whose actions created a political scandal that became known as the Stavisky Affair.

EVERLASTINGLY MEN SEEK TO FURTHER THEIR COMFORT IN THIS WORLD. Best it is done by barter with their fellow man in strict adherence to regulatory law derived from the most fair law. The garden of creation is defiled when men seek to obtain by fraud or force. Rather than farm or manufacture, men try to take by sword and rule of rigour.

There is no component of monetary transaction so necessary as morality. That one agent may completely exchange with another completely, without subtlety, innuendo, winnowing attainder, or smallest reservation. That both meet, make durable comparison and equal trade, and part, without any further engagement is the quintessential act of perfect trade.

But small men cannot allow such perfect exactitude. They must find ways to control not only the unit of account, but also must monitor and exact tax upon each and every capability of man that makes a switch that furthers his material comfort. Small men must control the most perfect commodity used which SHOULD hold indefinitely the summations of his exchange.  And then they corrupt and make fast half-life degradation of it. Next, they learn the careful ability of holding their fellow (but infinitely duller) neighbors in annual servitude. This they do by both condemning their fellow by the law if he does not offer up tribute to the state yearly of whatever paltry gains he may make by sweat and blood, also they do so by by issuing (without the citizen’s EVERY consent) new bonds of differing duration which claims upon his futurative labour. This shall be torn from his economic body whether he is ready or no.

The men who seem most readily able for such a mercenary performance are those who are supposed to espouse the highest of high ideal. These are the men of high state, supposed of purest motives, without personal thought, whose every purpose and, indeed, devotion should be to the betterment of their fellow men.

Too bad that this is a lie.

They seek office for vanity and riches. They suborn the idyllic laws to obtain that which is not inherently within them.

They promise far beyond their capacity to deliver. Their promises, built upon broken backs of the yeomen who (ignorant of their treacherous barter) believe in the gilded guiding lights of a constitution or bill of rights, are subtracted from those who virtuously act to better their lives and those under their husbandry. The malefactors, by their subterfuge, are enriched (but never satisfied) while the good find their stores raided, their ample labour made suddenly unsatisfactory for durable existence.

Those whose existence is pretenced upon stewarding the storehouses of all, and whose earliest nursings were in the mother’s milk of Judeo-Christianity, lately seem to spurn the simplest of black law. THOU SHALT NOT STEAL. Thou shalt not debase. Thou shalt not sneak, nor take without equal exchange. Thou shalt not make uneasy, the populace who depend upon you to safeguard their stores. Thou shalt not deprive thy neighbor of his substance. Thou shalt not try to mask the insolvency which long arrogance against the laws of GOD and man have brought you to. Thou shalt not seek to place the want of idleness upon thy industrious neighbor. Thou shalt not seek to obtain abundance in excess of the possible.

This nation and many of its inhabitants have unwittingly imbibed from a fouled fountain. That fountain is the same as Sodom and Gomorrah. Its art and downfall was in taking riches not earned by setting foottraps and snares for the unaware wayfarer. Making and innocent sin and defile himself against the law in order that the snaresetter may strip him of his goods – and possibly set him wounded in an infrequented road. This is their art. This is their means of attaining a marketbasket. THIS IS AN ABOMINATION TO HE WHO PUT THEM UPON THIS TINY BLUE STONE.

This is the policy and urgent work that the central bankers about the world enact.


Put the balance sheet right. Liquidate that which must be. Let the chips fall where they may.

Usury has always been proscribed in all holy literature. Kick against the pricks as they try, they cannot remake the old laws.

Bankruptcy must be declared. The wound must be endured. The healing begins only when the fullness has been suffered.

Otherwise it is maelstrom, limbo, zombification, a world of never movement.

The earth hates a cheat, a tyrant, a liar, a thief. Yet this is all the financial world is composed of anymore. In great and small degree. It is time that those who hope for a higher plane, turn their back and never look back upon a system that has no future and infects all who touch it.

Written by aurick

15/10/2010 at 9:47 am

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  1. Bullseye!!!!

    freeman to be

    09/06/2011 at 7:52 pm

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