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Danger boils up, but not just in the Mideast

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by Rick Ackerman
Originally posted Feb 1, 2011

Turns out the Middle East is not the only place on earth where trouble has heated to a  dangerous boil. Superhot gases have recently caused miles of ground to swell dramatically beneath Yellowstone, reminding us that Nature could end life on this planet far more swiftly than any man-made conflict. Even a hydrogen bomb would be a firecracker in comparison to an eruption of the Yellowstone caldera. Which brings us to the essay below, written by a friend of ours with a keen interest in prophets and seers. At least one of them predicted long ago that 2012 would see a spectacular increase in seismic activity, potentially affecting hundreds of millions of lives.

This essay originally ran in May, but with Yellowstone’s supervolcano unusually active, we thought it would be a good time to repeat it. Our friend also notes that “the drumbeat of prophecies clicking over is also picking up pace – watch England for potential violence involving the Royal family in the lead-up to this April’s royal wedding; Tunisia is only the first North African country to experience destabilizing revolution and Algeria and Morocco could well follow in the year ahead; and watch the Catholic Church as a schism may unfold there as well.

“On the economic front, the next leg down in the economy is also due to start this year, and the worst of what will turn out to be this Millennium Depression is still ahead of us. Yes, we have begun the second decade of the new Millennium. 2011 may well be the last year the world at large will not be at a state of world war – for decades to come. I hope the prophecies are wrong, or maybe my interpretation of them is flawed – but that is what my studies of prophecies over the last 40+ years are pointing towards. All the best to you and yours – carpe diem.”


Seismic Tempo Increasing

Even the least observant amongst us is slowly becoming aware of a building “drumbeat” of seismic events on our planet – that seem to be increasing in both frequency and magnitude and occurring in areas where we find significant populations. Recent large scale destructive events include the Indonesian tsunami; central China, Haiti, Chile and last week’s western China earthquakes and also the recent eruption of an Icelandic volcano.

Combined, these major seismic events have cost hundreds of thousands of lives and billions in damages. The Icelandic volcano has so far just disrupted intercontinental air traffic, and so is negatively impacting the western developed economies. We can all see though, that significant seismic events can have potential relevance to us as investors.

According to several prophetic sources, seismic activity is building towards an impending planetary event (worldwide) – the shifting of the axis of rotation of the Earth, which some sources indicate is forecast to occur in the 4th quarter of 2012. The U.S. will obviously not be immune to this massive disaster. Ancient Hindu texts suggest this is a regular cyclical planetary event that has occurred roughly every 14,000 years.

The pole shift may be triggered by a rogue celestial object that enters our solar system as part of a 14,000 year orbit. If this happens, prophecy suggests that a celestial object should first appear visible to us in the sky on a future June 21st (2012?) of that fateful year. Mayan prophetic sources also seem to suggest the 4th quarter of 2012 (December 21-23) is the likely timing (however triggered) for the actual pole shift.

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The Economy of the Jubilee

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by Daniel R. Gregg
Posted originally ahttp://www.torahtimes.org/

This piece is excerpted from The Scroll of Biblical Chronology and Prophecy, by Daniel Gregg. Whilst I cannot comment on Mr Gregg’s historical veracity, the correlations between the concept of the ancient Israelite Jubilee and the much more contemporary Kondratieff Wave are nothing short of extraordinary. If Mr Gregg has struck gold here in his historical research, the implications are almost beyond words. It would prove well beyond any reasonable doubt that economic cycles are natural organic rhythms, rooted in the Universe itself, and that man manipulates such rhythms at his extreme peril. This is an extraordinary document, and should be read by anyone who has the slightest interest in furthering his or her understanding of economic cycles, and the human role in the greater economic sphere. Before reading, it would be helpful to have some prior knowledge of Nikolai Kondratieff’s life and work, which can be found here at Quantum Pranx. Further reading can be found at kondratieffwinter.com, an excellent resource by Peter Baxter, whose experience and insights are invaluable to anyone desiring a deeper knowledge of very long-run macroeconomic and price cycles. I am indebted to Peter Baxter, who first alerted me to the work of Daniel Gregg. –Aurick

Note: The numbers in red are linked to the footnote section found right at the end of the document, so it will be necessary to use the link at bottom of this section to continue to the footnotes.


THE JUBILEE PERIOD IS THE LONGEST TIME CYCLE IN THE ECONOMY OF ANCIENT ISRAEL. This cycle regulated land use and inheritances. Landowners would inherit land permanently.398 Furthermore, they could not sell the land to anyone else. Ownership had to be perpetual. The government could not take the land away or encumber it by any method. However, the owner could rent the land, and the maximum rental period was until the next Jubilee, which came every 49 years. In the 50th year, the land was returned to the owning family free of any legal encumbrances like taxes or debts, and the family was required to return to the land, after which, if they wished, they could rent it for another term of 49 years.399 This system was based on the idea that God was the ultimate sovereign owner of the land, and the Israelites were only viceroys or caretakers obligated to maintain the land free and clear of competing sovereign interests.

The Jubilee was a form of socio-economic engineering. It prevented generational poverty, and made the establishment of large monopolies impossible. A man who was desperate for money might rent his land for the 49-year term, but his sons would get it back in the Jubilee. Nothing could be allowed to prevent the land from returning to its sovereign family owners — neither taxes nor debt. The land was returned free and clear. Nor could anyone owe any debts at the time of the return as these were all forgiven in the 49th year. The institution of the Jubilee corresponds to the occurrence of natural economic cycles. These natural economic fluctuations were “known by the ancient Israelites, identified by the Mayas of Central America centuries ago, and rediscovered in the 1920s by economist Nikolai Kondratieff of Russia.”400

Economists call this natural cycle the Kondratieff Wave. It lasts on average about 54 years, just over the length of the biblical Jubilee cycle of 49 years. This natural socioeconomic cycle “in the history of agricultural prices goes as far back as the year 1260 … and there is some evidence of a 50-year cycle of war and inflation in the Roman Empire”401 The Kondratieff Wave is a long economic cycle of boom followed by depression and then back to boom again. It is the longest “business cycle” or repetition of expansion and contraction caused by credit excesses and monopolies.

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France: Can you hear us now?

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from The Daily Bell
Originally posted Friday, October 22, 2010

(left) Nicholas Sarkozy

Nobody expected this French revolution … The pensions row has turned into a referendum on Sarkozy … As the French Autumn of Discontent morphs into its second week (more trains, fewer planes, long lines at petrol stations, banlieues kids indulging in a bit of self-administered wealth redistribution in the streets), no one can predict how things will turn out for Nicolas Sarkozy (left) and his embattled government. And yet this should have been the easiest reform of his first term … The strikes have turned into a referendum on Nicolas Sarkozy – not his actual policies, so much as his style. The perception is that he panders to the rich, an unfair one when you consider his predecessor Jacques Chirac, who never paid for any holiday he took in or out of office. … Sarkozy (whose fortune is the product of selling his family flat for £1.6 million when he was elected in 2007) earned himself, early on, the “bling bling president” tag. Nothing he has done since has shifted the impression that he wants the French to make efforts he will not subject himself and his rich friends to. – UK Telegraph

Dominant Social Theme:
The French are crazy and need to blow off steam once in a while.

Free-Market Analysis:
Until recently we have been somewhat alone in trying to explain the reality of what was taking place in Europe. In a series of articles, we predicted that Europe would blow up sooner or later, because Europe was basically a tribal environment and, in fact, a patchwork of tribes. In one of our recent articles, we even provided a Wikipedia excerpt showing how the tribes had conquered Rome and then migrated throughout Europe in the next 500 years. To think that Europeans themselves are not quite conscious of their background, or have no tribal solidarity, was naïve in our view.

The tribes are bloody-minded. In fact, Europe has been a cauldron of blood and resentments, much of it whipped up by the Anglo-American power elite for purposes of consolidating wealth and power. But the tribal solidarity and brutal arithmetic used by the tribes to calculate their well-being had not in our view changed much in eons. We felt fairly certain the tribes of Europe would take action once they perceived that the EU was not going to prove a net benefit but would actually have a negative impact on their wealth and property. We recalled the unrest of the 1960s (in which admittedly American intelligence played a part via Operation Gladio) and we predicted that those days would come again.

The EU, in fact, was not providing any other options, or making it any easier to avoid what has now occurred. Either the elite is out of ideas or out of options. We believe it may be the latter (assuming the powers-that-be are not engineering some sort of total implosion for nefarious reasons yet to be fully comprehended.) By insisting that the common man in various PIGS nations pay back large commercial banks that had lent recklessly to those same countries and enriched their political and industrial elites, EU leaders were almost inviting (and arrogantly so) what has now occurred. The so-called “austerity” unrest was about this perception. Normal people saw that the EU had bribed national elites to build a consensus for joining – and they didn’t wish to pay the bill.

It’s not just government pensions. Taxes are going up even as services are going down. Distorted private industrial sectors, gorged on the inflationary euro, imploded over the past few years and shed jobs. Harried people have sought shelter in government work, and now the government jobs are leaving as well. Many economies lie in ruins, and still there are no jobs to be had. Meanwhile, Brussels’ Eurocrats pretend it is the “people’s” fault. Sure governments had been greedy, but ultimately the blame lies with the electorate. So it is said.

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Global Catastrophe Alert

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by Clive Maund
originally published July 25th, 2010


WE DON’T USUALLY MENTION ASTROLOGY ON WWW.CLIVEMAUND.COM BECAUSE although Clive Maund has a good working knowledge of Astrology and has used it for many years in his personal life and found it most helpful, applying it to markets is another ball game and requires a special talent. So we have stuck to Technical Analysis and left applying Astrology to the markets to others. However, the planetary alignment that is set to reach maximum intensity during the next two weeks is of such immense power and has such major implications, that we would be foolish to ignore it.

To those reading this who would scoff at applying Astrology to the markets and world affairs I would merely point out two undeniable facts. One is that the widely known Arch Crawford, who uses Astrology extensively amongst other tools to make his predictions in his Crawford Perspectives, was ranked #1 Stock Market Timer for the period October 1, 2007 through October 31, 2009, and you don’t do that by coincidence. [See his article here: We’ve Never Seen Anything Like This Summer] Secondly, many seriously wealthy people, who are above and beyond peer group pressure and don’t have to give a damn what other people think, openly use Astrology in their lives. In addition the Royal Bank of Scotland produced a 12-page report on Astrology and the markets early this month, but laughably tried to apologise for doing so at the same time by giving the article the cringing title “Sheer Lunacy staring at the Heavens”. Companies are of course subject to peer group pressure big time. That`s enough justification – we will shortly proceed to examine exactly what is going on, but first a very quick lesson in the most important planetary harmonics, even the most basic understanding of which will give you a glimpse of the enormity of what is going on.

In Astrology the most disharmonious and stressful aspects between planets are the square (90 degree aspect) and the opposition (180 degree aspect), while the most harmonious and flowing aspects are the trine (120 degree aspect) and the sextile (60 degree aspect) which in degrees is half a Trine. The reason that the trine is so harmonious is that it normally connects signs that are of the same element, as the 3 signs associated with each of the four elements of Fire, Earth, Air and Water are naturally separated by 120 degrees, for example the Fire sign Aries is separated from the Fire sign Leo and the Fire sign Sagittarius, in the opposite direction, by 120 degrees. Persons born with a lot of squares and oppositions in their horoscopic charts start life with “a bad hand” and usually face a long struggle to attain inner harmony and success in life, while those born with a lot of trines and sextiles in their charts lead lives of relative ease and privilege.

These planetary aspects also have a macro effect on the world at large, determining the destiny of countries and economies etc and also correlate with natural disasters and wars. While it is tempting to label the stressful aspects as “bad”, particularly if you feel that you have been getting the “rough end of the stick”, in developmental terms they are necessary. Just as we know that pain is necessary to prevent us causing inadvertent damage to our bodies, times of stress and crisis are necessary to bring about needed changes that would not otherwise occur. There are millions and millions of people who would not lift themselves out of their comfy armchairs at all, were it not for the need to earn the money to pay the bills to prevent the ever threatening extreme stress that would be caused by not being able to buy food and having the utilities such as electricity cut off. Take a good look around any city center on a weekday morning – it doesn’t take much to figure out what motivates people. We will now take a look at a visual representation of the principal harmonious and stressful aspects that fall within the circle representing the heavens.

The two pictures below show the most complete and extreme harmonious and stressful harmonics respectively that are possible. The first picture shows what is called a Grand Triangle or Grand Trine, which is made up of a series of trines spanning the heavens. The second picture shows the Grand Square or Grand Cross, which is made up instead of a series of 4 square aspects spanning the heavens, which of course involves 2 oppositions at 90 degrees to each other. In both of these pictures the more planets that are involved and the closer the aspects between them, the stronger the pattern and the more powerful the energy involved.

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And now for something completely different…

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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

Tuesday, 27 July 2010
8 Akbal, 1 Pop, 7 Ik

[We will take a chance that the following may be Dark Side propaganda, but whatever it is, it is uplifting, even if somewhat distorted, as these transmissions inevitably are. Personally, we have always believed that the Great Shift would be into the 4-D realm, not 5-D, but in the upcoming progression culminating in 2012, who can say anything with any certainty, other than extraordinary changes are coming? –Aurick]

SELAMAT BALIK! WE COME AGAIN! GREAT TURMOIL HAS DESCENDED ON YOUR REALITY! The turbulence needed to push the dark cabal from its seats of power is underway and numerous agreements are now being implemented that will accomplish this goal. Groups within America are coming together armed with plans and legal documents that demonstrate the illegality of the current American administration and that show just cause for the investiture of new governance.

Concurrent with these developments are similar proceedings in many other nations which are being carried out by our Earth allies. Remember that with regime change come the deliveries of your prosperity funds. Several governments are now defying the US regime and secretly staging a challenge to the legitimacy of its rule, and various military and law-enforcement organizations are close to actively joining in the struggle. In short, we are seeing events that can at long last bring all this out into the open. Meanwhile, the collapse of the economic system gets closer and closer. The final push to topple the dam of dark control on your world!

Meanwhile, Mother Earth continues to move this reality nearer to her moment of change. The odd weather patterns are bringing strong typhoons, floods, and torrential rains to the Americas, Europe, Africa, and Oceania, thereby issuing a warning that the world you have known is approaching a massive change point. This is the point where Mother Earth shifts your 3-D realm into a 5-D one. Obviously you cannot remain as you are and survive the reconfiguration of the surface world, and this is a primary ingredient of the reasons for first contact.

Those still in charge of you persist in harboring the insane notion that they can somehow prevent the inevitable. This reason alone is grounds enough for removing the present incumbents with their rabid obstructionism from power. There is much to be done once these minions of the Anunnaki are gone. Earth is still a fragile place, with ecosystems very near the end of their viability. Redressing this damage requires a global effort, supported by the swift release of a number of now-suppressed technologies. Then there is the question of full UFO disclosure.

Our Earth allies understand the whys and the hows of disclosure. It is an operation that must be carried out in such a way that it is beyond doubt that we are benevolent and of the Light. Too many factions in your society over the years have spread a dogma demonizing anyone who is not of this Earth. Further, the existence of Inner Earth needs to be presented alongside a new, fully proved geological model of the planet. The people of Agartha have compiled a series of joint announcements that are sure to resolve this requisite.

The purpose of this information is to ease your world into an acceptance of the fact that you are not alone and that the world is put together quite differently from what is taught. Once these new facts are squarely proven, our own announcements can proceed. What we desire is, first, to assist you in rehabilitating Mother Earth’s surface world. Then we wish to introduce certain Light-tech devices, which, together with many now-suppressed on-planet technologies, can remedy the ecological problems that have been wreaked.

We envision the temporary caretaker regimes as the bridges to a new reality. The first goal is to get these interim governments up and running. The great shock of these immense governmental and financial changes needs time to sink in to the collective psyche and to be accepted as ‘normal’. This will be accomplished by umpteen hours of television and radio broadcasts explaining everything in detail. It is then to be followed by the disclosure of the UFO cover-up. This is a twofold operation, starting with many eyewitness accounts and the release of now-closed UFO files which will provide a chronology of off-world contact since WW II.

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We’ve never seen anything like this summer:
 An interview with Arch Crawford

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from The Daily Crux
July 2010

“Dear Daily Crux reader,
This week’s interview concerns one of the most unusual subjects in the financial markets. Because it’s time-sensitive, we aren’t publishing at our normal time. Our guest this week is an investment advisor who has been writing his newsletter for over 30 years. He was named the #1 market timer for 2008 and 2009 by the Hulbert Financial Digest, which ranks over 500 investment newsletters. His name is Arch Crawford.

He has been writing his Crawford Perspectives advisory since 1977 – and has been profiled in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Forbes, Barron’s, Kiplinger’s, and dozens of other publications around the world. He’s shared his insights on CNBC, the Nightly Business Report, Good Morning America, and ABC’s 20/20. Crawford is on record for predicting some of the most important events in recent history, including the 1987 stock market crash, the beginning of the gold’s historic rally, and the September 11 terrorist attacks.

And about that “unusual” bit? Arch Crawford uses astrology to time his market calls. He recently caused a stir by making some shocking predictions for the near future… beginning as early as this Friday, July 30th. Skeptical? So are we… which is why we sat down with Mr. Crawford to get his controversial take. Read on for the full story. Good investing, Justin Brill,
Managing Editor, The Daily Crux


The Daily Crux Sunday Interview:
We’ve never seen anything like this summer:
An interview with Arch Crawford

The Daily Crux: Mr. Crawford, you’ve made a name for yourself as one of the best market timers over the past 30 years, using a combination of traditional technical analysis and some rather unusual techniques. For readers who may not be familiar with your work, can you tell us a little bit about yourself and how you developed your unique approach to the markets?

Arch Crawford: Well, I first got interested in the stock market when I was about 13 years old and I put my first trade on when I was 14. I was keeping up with all the stocks under $10. I started with stocks in the As and Bs. I never got through the Cs because there were a lot of them way back then. 

After high school, I went to the University of North Carolina studying math and physics. I was spending too much time over at the library looking up stock market stuff and my grade point average began to suffer. So I figured before my grades dropped through a “major support level” – to use a market analogy – I should just go ahead and do what I really wanted to do. So I left there and went to work for Merrill Lynch in Raleigh, North Carolina.

My job was marking stock prices up on the chalk board.

I liked it so much, I said, “This is great! This is what I want to do with my life. Send me to New York!” They just laughed at me. But one of the brokers there got me the book Technical Analysis of Stock Trends by Edwards and McGee, which was sort of the bible of that kind of analysis. Merrill Lynch used to get the trend line charts each week. They would have charts for about 600 stocks, and they would come in every Monday for the previous week. I would get them and draw all the lines of support and resistance and trend lines and all that. Then I would look at them the next week and see if they did what I thought they would do, and if not I’d try to figure out why.

So I was sort of self-taught in technical analysis. About six months later I thought I had learned enough, so I told Merrill I was going to quit, and move to New York to look for a job. They said, “Don’t do that. We’ll transfer you.” 
So, when I was 20 years old, I got on a bus and went to New York City. I think they upped my pay from about $55 a week to $70 or $75 a week. I went right up into the research department and I was actually drawing the charts for their fundamental analysts. Those analysts didn’t have any interest in technicals, but they wanted to see weekly charts of their stocks back years and years. I kept them up to date so they’d have an idea of the general market direction of the stocks they followed. There were 45 industry specialists, so that was about 400 charts in all. That alone would take until about noon on Wednesday each week.

At nights, I made friends with the Merrill Lynch librarian and would spend until midnight running 10-day moving averages on every figure coming out in the Wall Street Journal and Barron’s, learning which ones were too similar and which ones were unique in the type of information. The technical guy at Merrill Lynch at the time was Robert Farrell. He later became the most famous and best-regarded technical analyst on Wall Street. He saw that I was really interested in working hard at it, and he took me on as his first-ever assistant. I worked there with him for  three and a half years. In those days, technical market analysis was regarded a lot like astrology is today. They stuck our office down a long, empty hallway that dog-legged off to the left. It was down past the telephone switching room. If you didn’t know we were there, you sure wouldn’t come looking for us.

When I had been there for a couple of months, I made a call that there would be a crash the next year – in early 1962 – and I said if the pattern I saw stayed symmetrical, the top would be in the middle of December 1961. Well it did stay balanced out, and the market topped on the 13th of December. It continued to trace out a head and shoulders pattern, and it broke down through the neckline of the pattern on the day that Kennedy made the steel companies roll back a price increase. That’s what actually caused the crash. It was never an economic crash. It was just political – Wall Street punishing Kennedy. [Laughter]. I made a bunch of money on put options on that crash. After I left Merrill, I started my own business as an advisor. Later I was a trader, and I was a stock broker for a short time, a year and a half maybe. I never wanted to be a stock broker. Then I started my newsletter in 1977.

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Power Seeds The K-Wave

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The Mayan Calendar’s 7th Wave (POWER) gave birth to the Kondratieff Wave. A fractal “unified field” theory linked the bookends of two grand super-cycles. Nothing relating to grand super-cycles is an accident. Ever wondered why the K-Wave cycles originated in the mid to late 18th century? Why then, and why does that matter anyway? Because much can be gleaned from the answers to these questions that is profound. Here’s why it matters.

THE CONDITIONS TO MEASURE ECONOMIC AND STOCK MARKET DATA simply weren’t sufficiently large or broad enough before our present period to provide the anecdotal basis for meaningful measurement of their waves. Before then commerce around the world was limited primarily to the local exchange of goods and services. But in the mid-18th century production and consumption grew at a pace far, far greater than any time in history. The sudden explosion brought on by the Industrial Revolution changed everything. In a relatively brief span of 20 to 30 years, inventions and innovations occurred all over Europe and America that transformed human society as never before. Why, and why then?

Because in that period there was something very special in the air, or in the ether, actually. It’s meaning can only be grasped through the context of the Mayan Calendar chart shown throughout our site. This pyramid chart reveals the nine wave levels that have shaped human consciousness over the eons and you can see that the 7th wave near the top of the pyramid began in 1755 was noted for bringing Power to the forefront of the human condition.

And that is in fact what transpired from 1755 onwards. Power was applied to nearly every aspect of human culture. Power was given to writing by the telegraph, power was given to spoken words by the telephone, power was applied to machinery through the steam engine, and so on. Through these applications power was given to commerce through the industrial process (steam engine, refinement of steel alloys, electricity, telegraph, telephone, etc. and from this the GDP of developed countries grew exponentially and the resulting data formed the basis for measuring the waves of long wave economic theory.

The power applied across the spectrum took on tangible forms such as weapons evolving from muskets to nuclear warheads as well as intangible forms. For example, power was given to the people in the form of individual liberties granted under the US Constitution, only to be usurped through the power bestowed to corporations in a series of Supreme Court decisions in the late 19th century. I have attached a schematic timeline charting this progression to provide our readers an overview of its evolution. It shows the direct intersection between the bookends of these two grand super-cycles – the Kondratieff Wave and the Mayan calendar – to illustrate how the cosmic influences charted in the Mayan pyramid chart directly influenced the actions of humans measured through the economic and stock market data charted by the K-Wave and Elliott Wave. The correlation is so acute and profound it cannot be so easily dismissed. Let’s examine in some detail how this took shape through the eye of Carl Calleman’s interpretation of the Mayan Calendar.

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