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Peak… Everything

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by Tom McCafferty
Posted originally May 20, 2011

Crude oil is just one of many things the world is running out of, says Tom McCafferty, author of Options Demystified and numerous other books on trading.

WE ARE ALL FAMILIAR WITH ALL THE HULLABALOO in recent years over Peak Oil. Dozens of books and websites devoted an enormous about of space to scaring the pants off of us. In a few years, we would be all be sitting in a dark, cold room without access to “Dancing with the Stars”.  Man… that will be a bummer! Before you get your blood pressure back under control, I’m here to tell you the Peak Oil is just the beginning. The World is facing more peaks that it can handle in the next few decades. For example:

•  Peak Water:  The World does not have enough water for crops or the increasing population. Every wonder why China was so aggressive to control sleepy little Tibet? Guess where the origins of the five great Chinese rivers are located? Or why it is importing so many tons of soybeans? When thinking about food importation, think of it as just a substitute for importing water. China is not alone. In India, the Green Revolution is now a disaster.

•  Peak Population:  How many people can the World sustain? I’m afraid we are going to find out the hard way. More specifically, how many senior citizens can it take care of… think of our Social Security system and then think of countries like Russia or Italy that have an even more serious aging challenge. China is right in line because of its one-child policy.

•  Peak Money: How much fiat currency can the World float? Remember, there has never a fiat currency that did not collapse.

•  Peak Weather:  Global Warming or long-term cycles? It doesn’t matter. Oceans and temperatures are rising.

•  Peak Politics It has always been a mess and it only seems to get worse. Are there any politicians or leaders that are not just out for themselves? Sadly, it also applies to their constituents.

•  Peak Taxes Will there every be enough tax money to solve every problem? Can our cities, states and national governments every balance a budget and reduce their deficits? If we can’t, how are the poorer countries going to cope?

My point is there are more than enough problems facing the World and its investors to keep all the prognosticators busy.



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  1. A quick response re the “Peak Water” comment.


    Simple, dirty but incredibly effective at retaining water in the soil. If Australia used it in their northern Queensland area, they would have suffered far less damage to their infrastructure.

    We had a small allotment (two, 500m2) and calculated that one inch of rain was around fifteen tons of water. In an hour of the weather clearing the ground could be walked upon, damp but not muddy, and this was clay soil. Testament to composting, the water was squirreled away into the compost and would be kept for later when the plants needed it.

    Only fifteen tons. Multiply that by the size of the average Australian farm, do it for several decades and the difference would be palpable.

    Just think Queensland – and then Cambridgeshire and their current problems.

    There are solutions to some of these problems: most people are looking in the wrong direction for them.


    05/06/2011 at 7:10 pm

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