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Cronyism worth trillions

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by Blaise Ingoglia
Producer, Government Gone Wild!
 May 11, 2011


MANY OF US VOTERS WHO PAY ATTENTION are used to Congress politicizing everything under the sun. Most of the time it is to benefit only themselves. This one may be one for the record books. Consider that since 2002, there have been ten increases to the debt limit. Yes, you read that correctly… 10 increases in 9 years!

Last week reports out of Washington D.C. had certain “members” of Congress (they did not say who) asking the Treasury Department what they would suggest for a debt limit increase to ensure the government could keep borrowing through the 2012 election.

The Treasury, which is under the direction of Presidential appointee Tim Geithner, told these members a $2 trillion debt limit increase would be needed to meet the government’s obligations into 2013. One has to ask… why a debt limit increase to take us past the next election? (never mind the argument of why we should even be raising the debt ceiling at all)

The answer: the wasteful spenders in Congress, along with the current administration, are trying to ensure that the subject of debt limit increases does not come up in perpetuity during this election season!

Where is the national media on this issue? There is nothing more an entrenched, incumbent career politician would want than to not be incessantly peppered with questions from the media during his/her re-election campaign because it will remind voters of their failure to lead on the issue of fiscal responsibility.

A $2 trillion increase in the debt ceiling is nothing more than political cronyism by this President, this current administration and those wasteful spenders running 2012 campaigns on both sides of the aisle. We should not stand for this and it should be an insult to every citizen who worked hard to make this nation what it is, or was. Please call and or write your elected officials in Congress and tell them that we are on to their tricks and forward this webpage to your friends and encourage them to do the same.



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