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In the End, ‘They’ will win

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by Wayne Razzi
from “Rick’s Picks”
Originally posted March 23, 2011

[With debt spinning wildly out of control and the States threatening to revolt against the tyranny of Washington, we asked some frequent contributors to the Rick’s Picks forum how they thought the nation would look five years from now.  In the essay below, Wayne Razzi, aka “Red Will,” predicts that “They” will win – as They always do. However,  before any clear winners can emerge, the nation will feel the ravages of the catastrophic debt deflation that “we” have long predicted. RA]

I’M ALWAYS BOTH HAPPY AND HUMBLED TO CONTRIBUTE AN ESSAY to Rick’s Picks, given the respect that I have for him and many of his forum’s contributors. On this go ’round I have to state that I remain humbled but I can’t honestly claim to feel happy at the moment!  Here’s the reason:  Rick asked that I peer deeply into my own crystal ball, which is actually more of a considerably beclouded marble, to attempt to foretell what the world might look like economically in five years. I take solace only in the fact that he didn’t ask for stock market predictions!

Attempting to compress so many thoughts, countless trends, variables and unforeseen elements into a succinct forecast is extremely challenging. I turned to my markets and business partner of many years, an exceedingly bright fellow, and solicited his opinions. A rarity then occurred in that he and I came to distinctly different conclusions. His side will reveal itself once you’ve read through my thoughts on things that follows but I did find it interesting that he’s in the very same camp as our esteemed Mr. Ackerman.  My conclusion is that he and Rick are envisioning what should happen due to something akin to cognitive dissonance, which I use with the most polite of intentions.  To be clear, I agree with their arguments wholeheartedly. It’s hard not to, as the facts are overwhelming.

String Physics Model

However, he and Rick, from what I can surmise from reading and listening to them, still seem to be operating within the confines of the physics of classical economics.  There’s a simple yet elegant beauty associated with this school of thought but I must confess that I’ve been forced to adopt the more trendy new millennium variety: String Physics of Economics. In this “limitless” quantum view all things are possible which is another way of saying that my partner and Rick are essentially “right” but my bet is that “They” will make them appear to be wrong. My discussions and subsequent pondering took quite a while but I believe that I may have finally latched onto the simple truths with which to approach this exercise. Please bear with me as I opt for several visual aids in place of numerous written facts.

There are many ways to evaluate and frame “things” but choose from the following three or, something similar, as these are what things reduce to in my opinion, and as they’re really all related:
1.         Reality vs. Illusion
2.         Right vs. Wrong
3.         Good vs. Evil

Pictures are worth many, many words without a doubt so I found myself searching for an appropriate graphic to serve in place of pages of words to adequately describe the current situation and to avoid the laundry list of systemic and structural problems that most us are at least somewhat familiar. I chose Wile E. Coyote, above.

I ask for reader participation in requesting that you attire Wiley with a straight jacket and then place an enormous inverted pyramid (preferably with an eye drawn into it), point on head, of crushing debt to the image and with that we’ll be just about there. Now, as you’ve undoubtedly already deduced, this is my summation with respect to our current realities should they ever be seen by a mass audience.

The counter to this is the illusion. I found something that I believe is nearly perfect and it is also something that I recently referenced in comments in Rick’s forum – “No hay banda”:

These are images from “Club Silencio”, a fictitious theater club depicted in Lynch’s sublime Mulholland Drive.  I’ll only add one line of dialogue as I encourage you to watch this scene on YouTube, or better yet watch or re-watch the film as its message(s) is/are immensely powerful:  “… it’s all an illusion, listen!”

The impact from watching this scene is profound because we see and feel how difficult it is to disbelieve an illusion even though we’ve been forewarned that “…It’s all an illusion…”  Ironically, many of us (myself included) do not want to believe in the “reality” that they’ve created for us to consume despite their actions and promises that they will indeed go on creating it.

Grand Illusions

So how in Hades does “Club Silencio” relate to our present predicament?  The truth is that I did not need to present these images as representations of the illusions because nearly all else that is presented to us to see is the derivative of an illusion. These grand illusions are the products of the past 3 to 20 to 98 to 150 years and beyond.  Focusing on the most recent three years will reveal that it’s taken unfathomable amounts of hyper-manipulation and hyper-fingineering, tons of “hopium” and massive, coordinated propaganda campaigns to raise the “USSAtania” from the depths to just near the surface. Yet this is the point at which the heavy irony intrudes. The realists, the “goods” in our picture show, are the ones that cherish the “right” and as such are charged with cheering for this massive prison barge to sink once again to the depths to have any real hope of rising again. At this point I need to “cut to the chase” to honor Rick’s request to not have to spend days editing my material!

My spirit senses that we’re finally approaching the reveal, the awakening, and that reality and good will win out which means the next five years will be extremely tumultuous because a massive round debt deflation is so incredibly overdue. Eventually this will prove to be a good thing but it won’t seem like it for a good long while. My heart wants to believe what my spirit desires but it has learned to know better courtesy of my mind.

‘They’ Always Have…

What’s left of my mind says that “They” will win. They always have. They’ve consolidated more power than ever before and if there was ever a time for them to have been swept aside it was the past three years and yet they’ve flourished. If they get away with this latest round, as they have every round before, it will be more of the same. Fake economic improvement, centrally planned stock markets, the mass marketing of the “success stories” from the few outliers, and increasing dominion over our lives.  The songs remain the same.

Finally, the “gun to my head” prognostication in an attempt to directly answer Rick’s request: “They Win.”

Yes, I realize that this flies in the face of realities of the economic, financial, fiscal and the physics kind but I never would have thought that the aggregated and increasingly absurd charades would have been able to have the run they’ve had for half as long as they’ve had it. Why have I come to this conclusion?  The reasons are many but I’ll try to cite just a few of the most important ones because I’m about to blow out my word count!

1. More of the same. Same as it ever was. When in doubt, bet status quo. This is a bet that the trend will continue not end.
2. The unquenched desire of the public for more pain avoidance and the conditioned desire to be willingly deceived to feed that desire.
3.         It’s their world, we’re just slaving in it and God knows that they’ll throw everything at it before they throw in the towel. After all, there are centuries of family honor at stake.
4.         They control the information flow and through the black magic of their central banks, their corporations and their media, they control this “correctional” for-profit institution.
5. They’re organized and effective and we’re disoriented and all else that flows from disorientation…
6. It would take something that would be unprecedented in human history to “win”:  En masse we’d suddenly see reality for what it really is and work together in a coordinated fashion to put an end to the coordinated malevolence that’s better known as the central banking systems, federal governments, international corporations and mass media. In short, we’d need to defeat the Empire and they’re not the ones drawing plays in the dirt.
7. Most importantly, they make the rules, they unmake the rules, they suspend the rules, they ignore the rules, they break the rules, they create new rules and so on.

In the spirit of “going with my gut”, I offer, quite regrettably, my true feelings and thus my forecast: It’s their mobius strip and we’re just crawling on it. We can’t make sense out of it because it is designed for us to experience cognitive dissonance when trying to do so. Expect more of the same. It’s a lost cause. Having stated that: Count me in. Deo Vindice!


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