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Economically institutionalized sheeple face reality

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by Roger Wiegand
Editor, Trader Tracks
Originally posted March 4, 2011

“No one really listens to anyone else, and if you try it for
awhile you’ll see why.” –Mignon McLaughlin

CONSUMERS HAVE BEEN LULLED INTO A SENSE OF UNREALITY. They are economically institutionalized, placidly accepting life as “This is way things are done.” Kids are pushed through factory public schools learning very little and then coerced into belief that without college degrees they are toast. They line-up like sheep at state universities signing for $60,000 student loans listening attentively to second rate out of touch, bearded associate professors pontificating on life.

Issued a shiny new degree, they head for a real job finding no employment is available. Work then becomes mere survival at positions far below their intellectual skills but they pay the rent. The flunk-outs and educationally challenged grab for government make-work employment knowing they can hide and endure a zombie existence in the womb of bland uselessness never in fear of job loss. And, of course they regularly vote for pinhead socialists providing their bread and annual raises.

Our fathers had one job for life and a pension which produced a comfortable family atmosphere, continuity of purpose and an existence destined to supply your next hamburger with no worries. TV’s Ozzie and Harriet in the 1950’s were the epitome of a serene and peaceful life. Today’s world is from another planet. Middle America has been downsized, off-shored and pushed toward low class poverty. Manufacturing, once the greatness of our country, has disappeared like smoke.

Our blended three class structure has become two; one low and poor and the other wealthy. Middle class America is vanishing at a rapid clip. Instigators of this class debasement rubbed out a large chunk of consumers ruining a once stunning and mammoth customer base. All this in an effort to have Chinese communists manufacture their cheaper junk.

Why and how did this happen? Today’s pathetic mess is the years’ long result of grinding inflation which slowly steals away hard work, savings, production and sense of purpose. It didn’t happen overnight. This is the Federal Reserve’s gift to Middle America presented through 45 years of misguided policies.

We saw a chart showing inflation for the last 350-400 years. The line was nearly flat for the most part until the Federal Reserve took over in 1913. After that date, this inflation trend is upward at 45-50 degree angle. Others reported this morning that Greenspan’s 18 year performance cut our USA dollar in half. Next we are stuck with an even more prolific, rabid inflationist who will finish us off for sure. He begins his doomed and unstable quest for economic perfection today.

A truly free economic, capitalist world always has its ups and downs. Before Federal Reserve meddling, the extremes were rectified by the Kondratieff Wave every 70 years. These normal cyclic events are the very structure or rhythm of life. This is no different than the four seasons, our monthly calendar, the moon and the stars, and birth and death.

Money manipulation prolongs those inevitable adjustments and corrections stretching the economic rubber band ever tighter until it snaps and things return to the mean. In excessive times like the present, adjustments to neutrality have been seriously delayed and stretched beyond comprehension. The result ends in a historic snapback adjustment skidding way over to the wrong side of normal as conditions scramble for neutrality in an effort to right our capitalistic ship.

An economically illiterate congress fawning over Sir Alan’s tenure will soon learn an obscenely difficult and hard lesson. When it hits the blame game begins and their stupid illiteracy continues. Sadly, the Sheeple are blind-sided as their little world’s crumble to poverty. They will feel denied, lied to, and in disbelief struggle to adjust. Promises of a golden future shall end in tears.

A truly free economy with aggressive capitalism must endure those regular down periods as they are part of normal adjustments in the free capitalistic system. When oversupply appears, prices retreat and adjust to the norm. Mr. Greenspan took away the normal but temporary recessionary pain with financial trickery. Now we are going to receive years of it all at once. For many the shock will be too severe to bear. This is the stuff wars are made of.

In worst cases, civil war can be the result. Pray for America and our overseas friends. I fear we shall need those prayers like never before. In our opinion, this test for the United States and the world will exceed those demands experienced in America’s great civil war of 1861-1865. Our freedom and our future are at stake.


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