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Elite desperation over failing Middle East Psyops

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by  Anthony Wile
From The Daily Bell
Originally posted January 29, 2011

Once again, the power elite manipulates the Middle East for its own gain. It is a dangerous game, especially in Egypt, which controls the Suez Canal. Because of the violence, gold is up and oil, too. And just as I finish writing this article, the UK Telegraph has released an extraordinary story. It claims that the United States leadership not only secretly backed the current uprisings in Egypt, it was actively aiding and abetting the protestors. Hello rewrite!

“AMERICA’S SECRET BACKING FOR REBEL LEADERS behind uprising,” the article reads. It explains that The American Embassy in Cairo helped a young dissident attend a US-sponsored summit for activists in New York. “On his return to Cairo in December 2008, the activist told US diplomats that an alliance of opposition groups had drawn up a plan to overthrow President Hosni Mubarak and install a democratic government in 2011.”

What an expose! Unfortunately the story is developed from cables recently leaked by WikiLeaks. And here at the Bell, we don’t trust WikiLeaks. Julian Assange himself may be an asset of Western intel. Of course, from the perspective of Western intel, tying Egyptian yearnings for independence to WikiLeaks may have seemed a brilliant stroke. Perhaps they believe it provides both WikiLeaks and the American ruling establishment with enormous credibility: Each can be seen as supporting freedom.

But on a deeper level, it reveals the desperation and the unraveling of this entire operation. The Anglo-American power elite has apparently decided to destablize the Middle East in order to create regulatory democracies with an Islamic tinge (an arrogant assumption in my view). The ultimate goal is to butress the war on terror and deliver enhanced authoritarianism to the West – and the Western middle classes that are always the targets of the elite.

But as usual, the Internet has apparently upset elite plans. How does one run a “black ops” of this magnitude while being exposed in real time? In fact, WikiLeaks could have released these cables at any point. They did it yesterday, apparently. It is as if the collective hand of the elite has been forced.

Yes, it seems to me that with plans exposed, Western elites may have decided to take credit for the Middle Eastern uprisings. Why is it a desperate manuever? Because the averge youthful Egyptian or Tunisian is not going to look kindly on the idea that he and his world is being manipulated yet again by ruthless Western powers-that-be. This is the reason that such operations are usually kept quiet. Nobody likes to feel manipulated.

What now? We continually document the struggle between the truth-telling of the Internet and the fear-based promotions of the elite. The elite seems increasingly tortured by the Internet, which is a process not an episode. Usually elite promotions take decades to develop. The EU was 50 years in the making. Global warming nearly as long. But everything the elite is trying to do these days regarding its promotional methodologies has a rushed, error-prone feel about it.

It is not going to help relations with the Egyptian man-on-the-street to have the information broadcast that America was behind – and actively planning – the current disturbances. As of this writing, the Egyptian government has lodged a protest against American interference. US Foggy Bottom types have taken to the airwaves blathering about the “values” of American democracy, but after years of reports of American torture, Western rendition, endless drone attacks that kill women and children in Afghanistan, it’s certainly an open question as to whether America can effectively pose as a beacon of democratic values.

The ramifications are endless. Exposed endlessly on the Internet, the elite may have decided to take credit for the “democratization.” But do the Western powers-that-be really believe they control these uprisings now? A dozen powder kegs have been lit. Blowback – serious blowback – is on the way. In a sense, no matter how the elite’s involvement is portrayed, it would seem a botch. If you are going to destabilize some of the most ancient cultures in the world, you better be able to do it secretly. It’s not something you want to take credit for, or not while the operations are ongoing.

Perhaps the disclosure was planned all along to give WikiLeaks additional credibility (which it sorely needs). But the trouble is that on the ‘Net anyway there has been enormous speculation that neither Assange nor WikiLeaks are exactly what they seem. Thus, WikiLeak’s release of documents about American involvement may be viewed as manipulative itself … artificial and even unconvincing. Here are some previous Bell articles on the subject:





Credit where credit is due. The above articles have benefited from the insights of reporter and author William Engdahl who understands well the essential manipulation of the late 20th century world by the powers that be. In his book Full Spectrum Domination, he pointed out that the various color revolutions that occurred after the fall of the Soviet Union were essentially manipulated affairs.

He tells us that the leading actors in these revolutions were essentially coached by the CIA and other Western intelligence agencies. The end result was essentially a series of bloodless coup d’etats that left leaders sympathetic to Western style regulatory democracy in charge of the affected countries. What is going on in the Middle East is no different.

But Engdahl, as bright and sophisticated as he is, seems to see the world through a quasi-socialist prism. For him, it is governments orchestrating events and large, evil corporations coming up with the ideas that governments and fatcat politicians then orchestrate. That is why he mentions that it is the Rand Corporation that he claims came up with the idea for the current crop of “bloodless” revolutions. Our point of view is different. We ask who stands BEHIND corporations and governments. You can see a Bell article on Engdahl here:


It seems fairly obvious that a Western power elite stands behind much of what goes on in the world today. There are central banks around the world, and they didn’t happen by accident. The world’s entire financial infrastructure was created by certain elite individuals after the Second World War, although the plans were drafted well in advance. To claim the world is run by “governments” is to miss the point. It is run by powerful banking families and their allies – mostly out of London – using the levers of power that governments provide to the truly wealthy. The mechanism of this governance is called mercantilism.

Elites are always at war with their middle classes, and the preferred techniques, in this epoch anyway, are the fear-based dominant social themes that the Bell tries to cover every day. By using these fear-based promotions, the elite attempts to stampede the middle class into surrendering both wealth and power. There is pressure for constant convergence of power; the preferred governance is regulatory democracy. In the Middle East, no doubt, the evolution of these revolutions will bring to power moderate Islamic entities that will provide a boon to yet another elite promotion: the so-called war on terror. All these promotions are interlinked.

There are other sorts of promotions that the elite uses as well, mostly to piggyback onto existing trends. WikiLeaks and Julian Assange would seem to be one of them. Aljazeera would seem to be another. Aljazeera was initially staffed by the BBC; Assange has released few leaks that harm Western powers in any significant way. By promoting Assange and Aljazeera, the elite is able to control the larger dialogue. It is a version of the Hegelian dialectic that the elite loves to use. Control both sides of the argument and the results are bound to further one’s agenda, whatever it may be.

In this case, the goal is creating much closer and better-coordinated world government run by the Anglosphere. That’s why we’ve suggested at the Bell that one of the outcomes of the Middle East unrest will likely be Islamic governments of a sort that will polarize public opinion in the West and add credibility to the current war on terror – which definitely needs a pick-me-up. If the West is to continue down the path of authoritarianism, it certainly needs to create a larger Islamic bogeyman.

It also seems to me that these revolutions could be used to destabilize a strong American ally, Saudi Arabia – and thus destabilize the dollar-reserve currency as well. (We’ve written about that.) Again, this benefits an Anglo-American power elite that is determined to transition from national currencies to one global currency – reason enough for the destruction of the dollar. The wealthiest sheiks won’t be damaged were this to occur. They’ll simply seek asylum in Britain, (or perhaps France) as so many of the West’s wealthiest allies seem to do when they are toppled.

We live in the age (era) of the Internet. The manipulations of the elite have withstood the test of time, but I would suggest that in the 21st century there is a greater perception of the manipulations than ever before. The Internet was not foreseen by the elite. So many of elite promotions are compromised now; when the elite releases a new one, it would seem that the law of unintended consequences almost immediately takes hold.

In the 20th century, the elite controlled the message and thus much of the world. In the 21st century, the power of the Internet has exposed many of these promotions and given us real insight into the current matrix of control. I have this to say about the current color revolutions: Be careful what you wish for!


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