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Ook and Mook invent Money, Wealth and Taoism

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from Of Two Minds
Originally posted January 22, 2011
Found on Charles Hugh Smith’s excellent blog

Demonstrating Humankind’s remarkable ingenuity with financial and philosophical innovation, Non Sequitur’s Stone Age geniuses Ook and Mook invent money, wealth and Taoism with only sticks and stones.

A comment left by a reader on the Non Sequitur comics site reveals that Ook and Mook also invented Wealth and Taoism:
A guy I know was so certain that we’d be in economic chaos by now that he bought a substantial amount of gold. He kept prodding me that I should be buying some as well. I assured him that I had bought sufficient amounts of lead. If it became a significant issue, I’d be by to pick up his gold.

From The Way of Chuang Tzu by Thomas Merton:
For security against robbers who snatch purses, rifle luggage, and crack safes,
One must fasten all property with ropes, lock it up with locks, bolt it with bolts.
This (for property owners) is elementary good sense.
But when a strong thief comes along he picks up the whole lot,
Puts it on his back, and goes on his way with only one fear:
That ropes, locks, and bolts may give way.
Thus what the world calls good business is only a way
To gather up the loot, pack it, make it secure
In one convenient load for the more enterprising thieves.
Who is there, among those called smart,
Who does not spend his time amassing loot
For a bigger robber than himself?


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