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Stupidity, insanity…

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by Vedran Vuk
From Casey’s Daily Despatch, Jan 10, 2011

OVER THE WEEKEND, I’M SURE MANY OF YOU read about the tragic shooting in Arizona. The horror was only worsened by the political theatre that followed afterward. I simply can’t believe that some political commentators have used this sad incident to push their agendas. The Left is blaming the Tea Party Right. And the Right is blaming the Left because the shooter included the Communist Manifesto among his favorite books.

News stories take snips of the shooter’s words and utilize them for whatever picture they would want to paint. But after looking at his YouTube page to better understand these quotes, the shooter seems to be nothing more than 110% insane. Past domestic terrorists have been at least half insane and half motivated by extreme political views. In this case, though, I think it was all insanity. His level of incoherency and delusion is so great that it’s irrelevant to discuss his political views at all.

If this shooting were to bring anything to light, it should be the condition of individuals suffering from mental illness. Discussing whether the guy was a communist or a right-wing extremist is the epitome of stupidity.


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