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What to do when the Sanitation hits the Fan

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by Tess Pennington

Posted originally December 22nd, 2010, ReadyNutrition.com
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It is a documented fact that more people die after a disaster due to poor sanitation than from the disaster itself.  This is due to individuals not knowing where or how to properly expel waste.  Fly infestations also pose a problem, and if waste is left out in the open, then it will only lead to the susceptibility of epidemics such as cholera, typhoid or diphtheria. The survivors of the earthquake that occurred in Haiti last year are dealing with this very problem.

Hundreds Have Died From the Haitian Cholera Epidemic

The Haitian earthquake survivors are not only reconstructing their city and their homes, but are dealing with a cholera epidemic due to unsanitary conditions after the earthquake occurred. As of November 2010, 4,764 Haitians have contracted cholera, and 337 have died as a result (Source).  In fact, news sources have reported this epidemic outbreak to be the worst they have seen in 20 years.  This epidemic broke out due to people being uneducated on how to properly dispose of waste.  In all honesty, most everyone is uneducated on this subject, because our town’s and city’s waste management teams do the job for us.  But if an emergency arises and the water and sewage systems are corrupted, then your waste becomes your responsibility.

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