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The equity bulls were salivating…

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by Dan Norcini
Excerpt from “Hourly Action In Gold From Trader Dan”
Posted on Jim Sinclair’s jsmineset.com
Posted originally August 27, 2010

THE EQUITY BULLS WERE SALIVATING OVER THE PROSPECT OF WATCHING ANOTHER EPISODE of “let’s take the shorts out and slaughter them all” as the world eagerly awaited the giving of the law from Mt. Jackson Hole. With claps of thunder in the background and with flashes of lightning interrupting his keen observations upon the state of the US economy, (some swear that they saw the angelic host), the prophet of Monetary religion sounded forth his prognostications and then looked upon his handiwork. He then saw that his work was good and sat down and rested on the seventh day.

Yessiree folks – Chairman Ben uttered his incantations making all well with the turbulent world and bringing light and order to darkness and chaos. I do not know about you, but I feel so much better today after Ben told us all that he is going to make sure that the recovery is safeguarded from harm. When you combine that with news that instead of the economy slowing from a growth rate of 2.4% down to 1.3% as expected, it only slowed down to a 1.6% growth rate, well, it just doesn’t get any better does it?

I mean, the first thing I immediately thought of is, “Why don’t I rush out and buy lots of copper because things are really getting better in a hurry?”. Already forgotten are the abysmal housing stats of less than a week and the further rise in foreclosures and delinguencies, not to mention the clogged condition of the bankruptcy courts. Chairman Ben has whisked all of that out of the minds of investors with one mere pronouncement.

The fact that it has taken gazillions of conjured-into-existence-out-of-no-where dollars (some call that stimulus) to produce this pitiful growth rate number for the quarter, seems to have escaped the attention of the equity perma bulls who have yet to come to grips with the consequences of all of this. My own view is that it should be a relatively easy matter to get that growth rate up to double the figure given us. All we would need to do to get to 3.2% growth rate is to print twice the number of Dollars and double the rate of government indebtedness. That should be good for another 100 point rally in the Dow. If anyone knows the number that comes after quadrillion, please send that on to Ben and company. They are going to more than likely be needing it.

Seriously, it is hard to hide my contempt of this disgusting scene. This band of fools somehow believes that prosperity can be created by printing money without any consequences whatsoever. The US is sinking under a mountain of indebtedness and the Fed chairman tells us that it stands ready to engage in even more QE should the need arise. Flash to Ben – the need shall arise. China is already balking at buying US debt meaning you are going to have to buy it all yourself Ben.

What we are witnessing is the death throes of a debt-based monetary system of which those presiding over it apparently have come to believe their own delusions. The US public is learning what our grandfathers learned as a result of the Great Depression – Debt is something to be avoided – not heaped up and accumulated. That the borrower becomes the lender’s slave and that living beyond ones own means is inherently foolish and dangerous. That saddling one’s children and grandchildren with a debt burden that they did not create is immoral and wicked. Yet, all of this is lost upon the monetary lords who have their noses so close to the ground sniffing out the scent that they cannot see the path ahead leads off the edge of an abyss from which there is no escape. Or perhaps they do see and are attempting to secure their own parachutes before leading the rest of the masses over the edge.

I repeat – if lasting prosperity could be created by printing money and giving it away, previous generations that were wiser and more frugal than ours would long ago have stumbled upon this axiom.

That brings us to the war on gold. I am still amazed that after all these years and notwithstanding all the evidence to the contrary, there are still those obtuse enough to insist that there are no official sector attempts to manage or stem the rise in the price of gold. Gold is the only currency that these debasement thieves cannot pollute by conjuring more of it into existence. It rises when distrust of paper currencies is high and confidence in the ability of those who supposedly manage monetary affairs wanes. Thus it is and always will be in direct competition with unbacked fiat currencies.

Our money masters hate the yellow metal because its rise mocks their absurd assertions and debunks their claims of being able to “manage the economy”. It strikes, dagger-like, at the very hubris of these elitists who think that they are wiser than the collective judgment of the entire market, they alone possessing such keen insight into the nature of these matters that we should entrust our financial health to their hands. Imagine the conceit of a few men who think that by pulling on this lever or pushing on this button, that they can assure continuous prosperity and lasting wealth for all. Every generation considers itself wiser than the previous one which is why history does indeed repeat itself. Arrogant men never learn for they lack the one thing essential to make one truly wise – the ability to admit that we do not know all things nor that we mere mortals can always fix what ails us.


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