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A Free $100 Trillion Note

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From Casey Research
Posted November 19, 2009
Contributed by a Casey Research guest, from an undisclosed location in the U.S.

YOU’VE HEARD STORIES ABOUT the absurd inflation in Zimbabwe. Well, it’s now gone to the sublime: the government just printed a 100-trillion-dollar note.

[courtesy of assetstrategies.com]

This is an authentic $100 trillion bill, so feel free to print the image and use it. After all, an existing government has manufactured pieces of paper with these embedded images and declared them as genuine currency in its country. It is currently circulating them to its citizens who are to use them to buy goods and services. It’s not backed by anything, but it is money because the government says it is.

The problem is, no merchants in Zimbabwe will accept them. If you own one of these bills, you can’t do much with it. You can’t even buy a loaf of bread with this bill (and that’s if you can find a loaf of bread). The government on that particular plot of soil has been so reckless with its policies that its own money is worthless.

Thank goodness dollar devaluation or currency inflation could never happen to us. I mean, yes, our government also manufactures pieces of paper and declares them official currency, but the images on ours are much more superior. And sure, our government circulates this as currency, but I can buy plenty of loaves of bread – heck, I bought a week’s worth of groceries with mine! And I know that our dollars aren’t backed by anything, either, but our government would never do anything so careless as to dilute them.

No, our country is much more responsible. Our government is debt-free, has a balanced budget, promotes a free-market society, keeps a strong currency by absolutely refusing to print more currency, doesn’t take dollars from some to bail out others who make mistakes with theirs, and only takes from its citizens what is absolutely necessary in taxes. Whew.

I mean, if they did any of those things, I’d probably do something completely absurd, like buy gold and silver coins. And can you imagine the horror of our government doing all of those things at the same time? Adding to the fright would be if other countries threatened to stop buying dollars from us because of our irresponsibility – well, I count my lucky stars that foreigners are so supportive of our currency. No, those people who buy gold and silver are antiquated, out-of-touch individuals on the fringes of society.

The dollar losing value or the idea of inflation coming to our country is just a scare tactic. That will never happen here. The dollar’s fine. Besides, the stock market is going up, so party on, dudes!


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  1. An interesting article.
    Several items there are of great assistance, thanks.


    21/11/2009 at 2:49 am

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